Friday 7 June 2019

Journey to Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East

Thanks to my company's corporate pass (which I managed to successfully ballot woohoo!), we got to visit Wild Wild Wet for the first time last year (this was just before I found out that I was pregnant and thereafter was too tired to finish this post, hence the delay 😅).

Looks really fun!

View from Downtown East
Check out the slides, especially the almost vertical yellow one in the middle!
Kids spent most of the time at tbese kiddy slides!

The kids also love the big water playground located at the other end of the water park.

Playground in the water for the kids
Big bucket of water!
Fun slides!
With the kids in the playground structure
More slides!

As with most water parks, there is a lazy river called Shiok River in Wild Wild Wet as well.

Shiok River
I love lazy rivers because you don't have to do anything except to float 😄

The girl and I also went on some of the bigger slides that used rafts which allowed groups of 4-6 people. It was really fun!

This water park is great if you stay in the East and have corporate pass or NTUC card where you can get it at a cheaper rate. Otherwise, I think the Jurong East Swimming Pool (see my post) is good enough for those of us who live in the West as it has slides, playground and a lazy river for just $1-2 per person!

Nevertheless, I think it's still a worthwhile place to play for the kids! Definitely should go if you can! 😊


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