Friday 14 June 2019

Esplanade PIP's PLAYbox & Superwings at Suntec

I had a lot of plans to bring the kids out during this June holidays since I've still got maternity leave. One of the places on my list was the Esplanade and Gardens by the Bay.

We realised we had never taken a proper outdoor photo with the 'durian'. We usually take the underground linkway to Esplanade but decided that it was shorter to get there from above.
Sitting on lighted up balls

At level 4 of Esplanade is a children's play area known as PIP's PLAYbox.

Small little area decorated to stimulate imagination
There's a small treehouse where kids can climb up and read books
My kids preferred to colour at the colouring table
My baby wants to be a part of the fun too!
Long table for colouring images related to Singapore

It's a small but nice and FREE place to hang out! 😊

At around noon, we decided to head to Suntec to catch the boy's favourite Super Wings in action! Super Wings are aeroplanes that can transform into two-legged robots and help kids in need all over the world.

Super Wings, a World of Adventures at Suntec City
Waiting patiently for the show to start
Jett, Ditzy, Donny and Jerome
(when your child loves something, you learn the names of the thing they love 😄)
Dance, dance, dance

It was a very simple performance but the boy LOVED it! He raved about it while we queued for pictures with the characters! I guess that's all that matters! 😄

Toys'r'us was also selling Super Wings beside the stage and the doting Mum-in-law couldn't resist getting a Jett luggage for the boy! My kids are too blessed!

Super in love with his Jett luggage, which he is going to use to keep all his Super Wings toys!

With every $30 spent in Suntec, your child is entitled to free 15 minutes play at the Super Wings playground.

Simple playground with a lot of balls
The boy had fun climbing up and down the structures

This playground is more suitable for younger kids like my boy who enjoyed himself.

We had a very late lunch at Suntec before proceeding to Gardens by the Bay. I had planned to walk there but as we were all exhausted by then, we decided to take the train from Esplanade Station to Bayfront Station.

First time the kids were able to stand at the head of the train and see the tracks of our MRT system

When we arrived at Bayfront Station, the kids simply couldn't walk anymore so I have had to push them in my trusty Baby Jogger City Select.

Thank God that I decided to bring it otherwise we wouldn't have made it to Gardens by the Bay.

Beautiful picture of MBS, Singapore Flyer and the Supertrees

To be honest, we were at Gardens by the Bay to visit the Children's Festival featuring Toy Story 4. However, by the time we arrived, the kids were more interested in ice cream than Toy Story (I'm so sad that they are not fans of Toy Story like I am!), so we just decided to have McDonald's ice cream and go home (the daddy came to pick us).

On hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to squeeze so many activities in one day (I'm like that too when I travel and have had to learn to loosen up and let go haha 😅). In any case, at least the kids had a really fun day 😜


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