Friday 21 June 2019

Bangkok IV Day 2: KidZania Bangkok

The kids were very excited because we're off to KidZania Bangkok today! KidZania Bangkok is located at Siam Paragon, which is about 10-15 minutes walk from our hotel.

On our way to Siam Paragon via the overhead bridge
Passing through Siam Discovery

KidZania Bangkok is located at Level 5 of Siam Paragon.

As usual, a huge airplane greets us at the entrance to KidZania

Checking in via the 'Departure gates' and queuing up at the bank to get our Kidzos

We are no strangers to the world of KidZania, having visited KidZania Singapore and KidZania Kuala Lumpur. If you're new to Kidzania, do read up on how KidZania works before going. Both English and Thai are spoken at KidZania Bangkok for ease of communication 😊

It was too bad that KidZania Bangkok is not a participant of the B.Kidzanian pazzport programme otherwise it would have been even better for the kids who were B.Kidzanian citizens!

As usual, there were too many jobs to complete in just one visit so we'll only highlight those we managed to do.

Meiji Milk Factory
Kids loved this as it was unique to KidZania Bangkok. At the end of the activity, the kids got a small bottle of Meiji milk each.

Making milk at the Meiji Milk Factory

Air Asia Aviation Academy
Kids were adamant that they wanted to be pilots (for the third time no less!) rather than cabin crew.

Left: Drinking their Meiji milk while queuing for their turn;
Right: Next in queue!
Parents can only observe their kids through the TV screen

Parents Lounge & Kindergarten
While the kids had fun at their 'jobs', the hubby and I hung out at the Parents' Lounge where no kids were allowed. However, they had to relocate us later to the Kindergarten for toddlers as the Parents Lounge was being used for a private event.

Left: Baby and I waiting for her sister and brother;
Right: Hubby found a corner to hang out at Parents Lounge. 
Kindergarten for toddlers

Baby was too young for the kindergarten but we still had a little bit of fun with her 😄

Lunch at Main Square
We dragged the kids to the cafe for lunch after their activity.

We shared a plate of beef bolognese spaghetti and a plate of sausage with fried rice

McDonald's Burger Restaurant
Despite being so full after lunch, the kids insisted to make burgers at McDonald's.

Learning to make burgers for the third time 😂
Squeezing tomato sauce

The kids have done this activity many times and yet they still enjoyed it!

Construction Worker
This activity was unique to KidZania Bangkok. The kids took turns to control the crane, which moved really slowly!

Let's start construction
Moving the bucket up and down using the crane

Courier Service
The kids have also done this activity soooo many times and yet, here we were!

Girl giving directions and boy pushing the cart

Yogurt Soft Serve Snack Truck
This activity was also unique to KidZania Bangkok. The kids enjoyed making while this mama enjoyed eating it! 😋

Activity conducted in a super cute Snack Truck!
Listening to the instructions
Stickers to stick on the cup! 
The yogurt comes with toppings!

My girl loves yogurt so this was great for her! The boy took one bite and told me he didn't like it (because it wasn't chocolate) so I ate it on his behalf! 😋

Petrol Station
The kids ended up becoming pump attendants because the boy wasn't tall enough to get a driving licence (poor thing was so disappointed) while the girl was too lazy to take the mock driving test.

Learning to pump petrol at the petrol station

Design Studio
Kids got a taste of interior designing at the Design Studio.

Laying out the decorations

Culinary School
The girl wanted to be a chef at the Culinary School but the boy didn't so she did it herself.

Learning how to make jelly

Car Design
The boy preferred to design cars at the Honda Car Design Studio. He had a great time!

Designing at the Design Area

7 Eleven Mini Mart
Kids both enjoyed being cashiers and shoppers at this 7 Eleven.

Waiting behind the cashier for customers to pay
He really enjoyed scanning all the items
Finding things on a list to buy

Fire Department
All KidZanias have a fire department and even though the boy has done this activity twice before, he insisted on doing it again!

The boy is super into fire engines and firefighting right now so this is super up his alley!

The hubby and I took turns to watch the baby while the older kids did their activities.

Enjoying a good bounce on daddy's knee 😄

It was a great day for the kids, who had an awesome time, but the adults were happy to call it a day after their last activity! We likely won't be back to KidZania Bangkok but we had a great time while we were here!

We met up with the mum-in-law, who went shopping on her own, for dinner. Chaolay Seafood at MBK Centre had good reviews so we decided to try it.

Chaolay Seafood
Having a nice dinner after a long day
Clockwise from left: Thai Iced Milk Tea is a must in Thailand;
Seafood fried rice;
Spicy morning glory aka kang kong. 
Fried chicken and squid
You must order tom yam in Thailand! Haha

The tom yam was not bad but the rest had hits and misses. Unfortunately no wow factor for us.

After dinner, the girl and I did our nails at one of the salons at MBK Centre.

Very happy that she gets to do her nails
Pedicure and manicure
I think pedicures are more worth it for my girl because they last longer

Long but happy day (for the kids especially!) 😊

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