Monday 24 June 2019

Bangkok IV Day 3-5: Terminal 21 & Siam Paragon

Day 3

We didn't add daily breakfast to our hotel booking; however, when we checked in to the hotel on the first day, the hotel asked us if we want to add breakfast at a special rate. We decided to add breakfast for only 2 days of our trip for the sake of convenience.

The hotel thoughtfully put some drinks and snacks for guests who are queuing and waiting for a table! 
Kids table set
The boy enjoyed taking his own breakfast and eating his favourite food
Noodle soup bar and waffles
Egg station
I like my egg omelette with only cheese and ham 😋

After breakfast, we headed to Terminal 21 for lunch and shopping. It was really easy to get there via train. We took the train from the nearest station to our hotel, National Stadium Station.

Walking to National Stadium Station
Taking the train

We alighted at Asoke Station, the nearest station to Terminal 21.

The boy was the same age as his baby sister when he first visited Terminal 21! How fast time flies!
Kids having fun taking pictures!

We wanted to have lunch at our favourite Zeed but the queue was so long that we had to go with Kinkao instead.

Clockwise from left: My girl enjoying our favourite Thai iced milk tea;
My favourite fried tang hoon.
Clockwise from left: Our Thai drinks;
One must always eat fried eggs in Thailand;
Steamed fish with Thai chilli;
One must also have Morning Glory (kang kong) and Pad Thai when in Thailand!

I was quite disappointed with the Pad Thai, which is supposed to be what Thailand should be good at! Other than that, all the other dishes weren't too bad, though not as good as Zeed.

The kids wanted ice cream and we spotted this really cute ice cream shop selling really cute ice cream!

Selling ice cream from a tut-tut
Ice cream in really cute shapes and sizes! So cute!
Girl got a fruity one while the boy will only eat chocolate and nothing else
(the only one so far who loves chocolate like I do!) 

As we were shopping around, we stumbled onto a leather shop called Scent, which sells handmade leather products. I loved their hand-stamped keychains and got many of them as souvenirs for my friends.

Handmade leather products from Scent

We returned to our hotel and found a restaurant at MBS for dinner. However, we really regretted not having dinner at Terminal 21 as the dinner was really sub-standard.

The drinks and pineapple rice was ok but the morning glory (kang kong) was REALLY bad
The tom yum soup was maybe the only redeeming factor

Hopefully we will eat better food tomorrow!

Day 4

The next morning, the hubby and I took some time away to get massages at our hotel's spa.

Washing our feet and drinking our welcome drinks
In the room for our couple's massage

I really enjoy massages so this was really amazing for us! =)

After our massages, we headed off to nearby Siam Paragon for more shopping! We were super hungry when we arrived and had our lunch at ChingCha. It was definitely my favourite meal of the trip!

Clockwise from left: My girl had her favourite bolognese pasta, which she finished really quickly!;
Love the Thai fishcakes! Very tasty!
Clockwise from left: Our usual mango smoothie and Thai iced milk tea. We really love the pineapple rice as well!;
Their Thai green chilli was awesome!
The roasted pork was really special and the mum-in-law loved it

After lunch, we shopped around Siam Paragon. As we were exploring, we stumbled upon a section selling Orgel music boxes that you can customise! Super excited!

You can choose your song, the shape of your music box and the decorations!
Each animal represents one of my children, the wine bottle is the hubby and the Hello Kitty cup with hot chocolate is me! They also allowed me to carve a personalised message for free at the side! Super pretty!

If you like Wooderful Life music boxes, they also have a section that sells customised music boxes as well! It is too bad that I only had enough money for one otherwise I would have bought 2 customised music boxes!

After shopping, we had afternoon tea break at The Mango Garden.

Enjoying our mango drinks at The Mango Garden

The supermarket-loving hubby loved the Gourmet Market at Siam Paragon! We bought a lot of food back to the hotel to enjoy! =)

Gourmet Market
Food that we brought back to the hotel for our dinner!
Yummy prawns
For dessert we had these super cute cakes!

We can't believe it is our final night in Bangkok!

Day 5

We travelled by cab to the airport to board our flight back home.

Saying goodbye to Bangkok

The flight back was a lot better than our flight to Bangkok. My kids received the kid's meals that I ordered and my baby girl got her puree.

Big girl and little girl got their food
Baby girl was also given a really cute Dumbo!

We are so thankful for another awesome trip with the family. Looking forward to more trips as a family of 5 (plus 1 mum haha)!

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