Friday 12 July 2019

Fun at the Singapore Science Centre

We live so near and go so often to the Singapore Science Centre that I'm actually surprised that I had not written about it yet! There's so much fun for the kids at the Science Centre and the best part is that you don't have to worry about wet weather plans (in fact, it's usually my wet weather plan if I see dark clouds looming).

If you are a Singaporean/PR, you can enter for FREE during weekdays (excluding school and public holidays)! ๐Ÿ˜

The Mind's Eye
The first exhibit that greeted us when we entered is The Mind's Eye, which is full of illusions that trick the eyes into seeing things that seem impossible.

Left: Head on a plate;
Right: Miniature kids with a giant grandma! So fun! 
This is the same sculpture but it looks totally different, depending on the direction you see it
Left: Me with the Hulk. No illusions here but he looks cool! =)
Right: Standing in the clouds!

The Mirror Maze
If you are unwilling to pay for the mirror maze at Jewel Changi, you'd be happy to know that there is also a mirror maze at the Singapore Science Centre!

Welcome to the Mirror Maze!
Super cool and a little bit scary because you don't know which way is out
Be careful that you don't end up going around and around in circles!
Trying to touch something that is not there

Definitely very fun for the kids! My kids loved it!

The Science of Phobia
This exhibits explains the reason why we feel scared and why phobias exist. It is meant to be creepy and if you have any of the phobias that they presented, you will definitely feel scared! Younger kids might cling on to you for dear life but you just need to press through it and it's actually not that bad.

Entrance to the exhibit
With a seriously scary looking clown to depict coulrophobia aka the fear of clowns.
He looks so real that I would really scream if he moved! 
Left: Fear of imprisonment;
Right: Claustrophobia aka fear of confined spaces.
Coasterphobia aka fear of roller coasters is actually a real fear!
Scary looking faceless beings in the background. Humans love faces and will be naturally fearful of anything that moves but does not have a face. Super freaky exhibit with sound and light effects.

I highly recommend that you visit this exhibit as it is really exciting while very educational. If you are plagued with phobias, all the more reason for you to visit so that you can overcome your fears! We liked it so much that we went again on a separate visit!

Various other exhibits
There are also many other exhibits that teach kids about gravity, force, electricity, etc and are interactive so that the kids are not bored.

Learning about energy in an interactive way
Introducing kids to electric cars

There's also a room where they get to see a small collection of animals such as insects. There is also an incubator where kids learn about the life cycle of a chicken.

Super cute newly hatched chicks!
More interactive fun!

There's also a water playground for the younger kids but we never got a chance to play there because every single time we went, IT WAS RAINING!!! *grrrrr* Anyway, do bring along a swim suit for your kids just in case.

For us, one of the perks of staying in the West is the Singapore Science Centre. Rain or shine, there's always something to do here and it is free for us Singaporeans. Check out their website for new exhibits, which brings new fun and excitement to the Science Centre. We are usually never bored when we're there! =)


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