Friday 19 July 2019

Playdate at Hort Park

We've been wanting to visit Hort Park's new play garden ever since it opened. As usual, this full-time working mum has been too busy and only managed to finally bring the kids when I've got maternity leave! 😅

Follow these signs to the play garden

We invited the boy's buddy to have a playdate together!

Welcome to the Nature Playgarden
Climbing on planks and running into caves
Making music
Figuring out how water flows
Such a cute little tent made of wood
The Big Fig Adventure! 

The play area was meant to be very organic and natural, unlike the 'plastic' playgrounds that we are used to. There were a lot of sand, wood and plants, which the kids really liked. The environment reminded me of the playgrounds in Australia, though the humidity immediately brought me back to the reality that we were in Singapore! 🥵

The playground was really boring to me and I especially hated the mosquitoes that bit me all over my legs! 😩 If you ask me, there's no way I'll be back 😞

My equally city kids got bored after a while and decided to play at the nearby 'plastic' playground instead. They had just as much fun there if not more 😂

Cute little playground just 5-minute walk away
Kids playing with the sand
The play area with climbing structures and small slides for younger kids
There was another playground at the back with more slides
Playing catching or murder mystery? I don't know 😂

Overall, it's a nice place to visit if you live nearby and like nature. For us, we still prefer Jurong Lake Gardens for the size and variety of playgrounds (read our experience here)!

We enjoyed it while it lasted 😊


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