Thursday 16 June 2022

Desaru-Legoland Day 2: Adventure Room at Legoland Malaysia Hotel

The next morning, we woke up early to a beautiful sunrise! Mornings are very different when you're on a holiday 😜

We headed down to the restaurant for our breakfast.

The variety of food was ok, though there were hits and misses in terms of the taste. We definitely preferred Hard Rock Hotel's breakfast in comparison.

Hard Rock Hotel also had a way better Kids Club, with complimentary activities and goody bags! In contrast, Westin only had a very small room and guests had to pay for entry and other activities.

We decided to give it a miss and went swimming instead (I refused to pay additional for something that should have been part of our stay like other hotels!). 

Since we had time to spare, we soaked in the large bathtub and enjoyed the view while hanging out at the balcony.

After we checked out, we headed off to Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh for lunch. The restaurant was located at Kota Tinggi, about 30 minutes away from Desaru Coast, on a seemingly ulu plot of land in the middle of nowhere along a busy 2-lane road.

The bak kut teh in Malaysia is very different from the peppery ones that we're used to in Singapore. Malaysian bak kut teh is more traditional, herbal and flavourful. If you're not a fan then you should probably give Malaysian BKT a miss.

I personally think that this is really good, though maybe not thaaat good that I'll be willing to drive all the way to Kota Tinggi for it! Once is good enough! 😀

After lunch, we headed to Legoland. The kids were so excited when they spotted the familiar colourful Legoland Malaysia Hotel in the distance.

The Littlest was the most excited, as she probably doesn't remember her first experience at Legoland Japan Hotel. This was all very new to her!

This time, we booked the Adventure Themed Room without realising that we've booked it before! 😅 On hindsight, we should have booked the Ninjago or Pirate themed room instead! Aiya 😞

Anyway, we paid approximately S$298 per room per night (inclusive of breakfast). The price was reasonable for such a large room (with a king bed and a bunk bed) but we were disappointed that the room did not come with the usual amenities that made us fall in love with staying at Legoland (you can compare the before here). 

A lot of the decorations were removed (possibly to make it easy for the staff to clean) so the room looks very bare.

The toiletries were also changed from the colourful Legoland themed toiletries to plain ones that lacked the usual fun factor. 

The fun 'treasure chest', which the kids were supposed to open using a code from solving a puzzle, did not work! A staff had to be called in and even he couldn't open the lock. In the end, he had to physically pass us the gifts (which the kids were supposed to find inside the chest). The gifts were 2 keychains, a far cry from the Lego figurines/sets we would usually get from the chest. Sigh

The Littlest was still the only one who was most excited, running around and looking out of the window to the view of a carpark. She also busied herself with the Duplo in our room. 'COVID kids' are very easy to please because they've been deprived for so long! 😅

Anyway, we changed into our swim suits, donned our bathrobes and headed to the pool for our favourite activity.

This time, it was the pool that lacked the usual Lego foam bricks that used to float on the water. It was really sad because we loved the foam bricks!

Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed swimming, not realising that anything was different 😅

After our swim, we worked up an appetite for dinner. We headed to our favourite mall, Paradigm Mall, for dinner.

We decided to have dinner at S.D.S, which had good reviews on Google. The cutest thing in the restaurant is this robot server, which is a common sight in many of the restaurants in the mall.

We were very entertained by the robot while waiting patiently for our food and drinks.

Although the waiting time was quite long, it was worth the wait as we enjoyed the food! 

We ended the day shopping at the mall before retiring to bed. It was a good day ☺️

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