Sunday 20 November 2022

Road Trip Day 2: Lost World of Tambun

We had some breakfast in our apartment and did some packing before heading out to the biggest theme park in Ipoh, which was about 18 minutes away from our apartment.

Along the way we stopped by to buy soya bean milk from Funny Mountain and delicious kaya puffs from Yee Thye. Is it really that good? You gotta taste it to believe it y'all!

We were hoping to smuggle our puffs into the theme park but were caught at the gate where the security had checked all the bags. We had to consume all of it before entering, which turned out to be a blessing because puffs as fresh as these should be consumed immediately while its fresh anyway!

As some of us have been to Lost World of Tambun before, we knew to pack swim wear, towels and a change of clothes for all as we will definitely be wet! Hopefully it would not rain today!

We got our tickets at RM 117 per adult/child above 12 years old and RM 110 per senior citizen/child below 12 years old (more details here). We also rented a large locker to store all of our belongings that we weren't using.

Unlike other theme parks, this Sunway theme park consists of a variety of parks within a park! It has an amusement park, water park, wildlife park, adventure park and even a hot springs park! There's something for everyone in the family! 😃

We started at the Lost World Amusement Park, before we got wet from the water play.

There's a very slow carousel and baby roller coaster there but I preferred to ride the Giddy Galleon (swinging boats) and Dragon Flights (swinging chairs).

The swing chairs were cheap thrill in my opinion! Love it! 😃

Next we moved on to the Lost World Water Park. My Littlest Girl can go down the water slides a million times and will not get bored of them!

For people who love the beach for the sand and the waves, there're Jungle Wave Bay (i.e., wave pool) and Sandy Bay with sand that mimics the beach. What amazes me the most though was the tram that travelled through the beach like a real beach tram!

We wanted to experience the wave here but when there wasn't a wave in sight after about 30 minutes, we grew impatient and the older ones headed to Tube Raider while the younger ones returned to the kiddy slides.

There wasn't a queue so we got to ride as many times as we wanted. The slide furthest on the right was the most thrilling and fun! Be prepared to get tossed into the air and flipped 🙃

The park is also famous for their Tiger Valley, home to Siberian tigers.

The Tiger Valley was located next to the Malayana Rainfortress, a huge water playground spanning 2 and a half floors! It's one of the biggest water playgrounds we've ever been to!

This part of the park is so big that there is a slide that you can ride to go from the upper water park to the lower water park! I think my kids loved this playground the most!

We also explored the Adventure River, which promised a 4D adventure show. Lazy rivers are best experienced on floats but we decided not to rent any as our group was large (we'll need to rent at least 2) and we'll need to take care of them when we're not using them (such a hassle)! 

With banners along the way to hype up the 4D show, we were quite disappointed when we didn't get to see it! The screen was blank when we passed by, so sad 🙁

After a few hours in the water, we were all famished and decided to have lunch at Masina's Lakeside Terrace, located conveniently beside the Malayana Rainfortress. We could easily drag the kids out of the playground to eat and then continue to watch them play while we ate. 

For theme park food, it's not expensive and quite tasty (if you don't have high expectations).

After lunch and more water play, we decided it was time to head to the Petting Zoo to see some animals. We brought our wagon with us and it was really handy in transporting the younger kids and our gazillion things!

As we were approaching the Petting Zoo, I saw a giraffe and a couple of zebras being fed from a distance! Without hesitation, we sped towards the area to join in the fun! At just RM 10 per bucket of vegetables, our whole family managed to feed the animals with 3 buckets of feed.

Did I mention how excited I was as giraffes are one of my favourite animals? Haha 😂

It was also our first time feeding zebras and this pair of male and female zebras are called Zen and Zoe respectively.

It's very interesting that this breed of zebras feed by splitting open their lips and showing you their teeth! Hilarious! It was a great experience for everyone!

We moved on to the Petting Zoo, where the kids got to see goats, racoons, horses, rabbits, and more!

It's a petting zoo so of course you could pet the tame animals like rabbits.

You could also see snakes at the Serpertarium but obviously no petting (not sure I want to)!

Kids even got to witness one of the snakes shedding its skin! It was a teaching moment where we explained why the snakes needed to shed their skin.

There was a large caged enclosure called Birds of Paradise where you can see the Malayan Tapir and many species of turtles and birds.

The hubby and older boys also tried touching a lizard, who didn't even flinch as it was so used to it. 

The girl on the hand, preferred to pet the hedgehog 🦔

There was still more to see but we didn't venture deeper into the Petting Zoo as some of the kids were exhausted. The brother-in-law got them some cotton candy, whose bright colours really cheered them up!

We decided to spend the rest of our time at the Lost World Hot Springs, a very unique feature of the park.

You need to try their foot reflexology pool, which is really painful for the feet but great for the body's overall circulation!

Our favourite is the Infinity Pool and Steam Cave.

We took a lot of group photos with the beautiful limestone hills in the background.

This is also one of only two hot springs I know (the other being Toya Devasya in Bali) that have slides! There is a big slide that adults can go on and smaller ones for little kids! You slide right into warm water! 

We had wanted to stay till after dark so as to explore the park at night, when the forest lights up and there are a lot of performances! However, most of us were just too tired, having been at the park since morning and playing for more than 8 hours non-stop except for lunch! The older kids and hyperactive-full-of-energy adult (*ahem* me 😅) could have gone on until 8pm, but the younger kids had simply reached their limit.

The park was so big that we didn't even have time to explore Adventure Park (i.e., ziplines and all), Tin Valley (we've done it previously) and Hippo Kingdom (oh well, there are also hippos in Singapore)!

Lost World of Tambun really pushes the limits of what we normally associate with typical theme parks! It has everything you could want from a theme park and very value for money, especially for Malaysians (due to the special rates) and Singaporeans (due to the exchange rate 😬)! 

We bought take away tze char to eat at our apartment for convenience. 

Dinner must have perked up our spirits because some how after dinner, some of us found a bit of energy to walk the weekend night market downstairs. It was a Sunday night, and the last chance we could explore the pasar malam before we left Ipoh.

At the end of the day, we all became a shade darker and walked about 20,000 steps! Many of us went to bed early that night! It was a good day ☺️

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