Monday 21 November 2022

Road Trip Day 3: Cameron Highlands

We headed straight to Cameron Highlands after breakfast at the apartment this morning. We like to drop by Cameron Highlands on our road trips because of its close proximity to Ipoh and the cool weather. We stayed on Cameron Highlands for 2 nights on our first visit but we didn't enjoy the experience hence we only did day trips from then on.

Our first stop was at the Big Red Strawberry Farm to pick strawberries. We visited previously before the Littlest was born and had a good time.

Unfortunately, this farm was so popular that they had ran out of strawberries to pick! We had to contend with eating strawberry ice creams and their pre-packed boxes of strawberries. The kids enjoyed them tremendously though! 😋

Some of us were hungry after the long journey so we headed for lunch. Cameron Highlands is famous for their farm-to-table charcoal steamboat due to the many organic farms on the mountain. The first restaurant we tried and loved was Home Town Steamboat but sadly it closed for good so we tried Cameron Organic Steamboat instead. We enjoyed our meal so much that we brought our whole tribe back again for round 2!

Very few steamboat restaurants still use charcoal due to the inconvenience but there is just something about charcoal that cooks the food in a way that you can't replicate with gas. When cooked with the freshest produce, it is just the best combination! Their vegetables are also seasonal; basically whatever they picked from the farm that day. You really can't get fresher than that! 😋

The family enjoyed the meal so much that they finished almost everything on the table! The Sister-in-law commented later that it was the biggest highlight of Cameron, and I agreed! It's probably the only reason for enduring the long winding roads back just to eat it again! #truebluefoodies 😋

After lunch, as we were on our way to Lavender Garden, we passed by Time Tunnel Strawberry Farm, where we had picked strawberries on our last trip. They still had strawberries to pick so the Brother-in-law and I brought some of the kids to pick. We paid for 3 plastic boxes and each box allowed for 2 persons into the farm.

Although the farm was small compared to other farms in Cameron and Australia, the kids still had a lot of fun, especially the Littlest Girl as it was her first time!

We headed to Lavender Gardens next, which we had visited previously in 2016. The attraction was still picturesque with lots of instagram-worthy photo opportunities, just that perhaps the lavender flowers were not blooming as beautifully as I had remembered.

We had to eat their lavender-flavoured ice cream, which was a hit with those who knew how to appreciate it 😬 

We took many nice pictures of the mountain view and the creatively painted murals and decoration.

We were surprised to find that we could also pay to pick strawberries here! If we had known this, we would have definitely done it here instead of other farms and kill two birds with one stone! 

From a distance, we spotted a castle, which we had not seen the last time we were here. The kids enjoyed posing in the castle!

As we walked down the castle, we also found murals of Lavender Garden! They were very pretty!

We spent some time shopping at the many stalls that sold all sort of things such as souvenirs, accessories and toys. 

Finally, we stopped by Avant Chocolate and Ice-cream to get chocolate and ice cream of course!

As it was almost 6pm, it was time to head back down the mountain before sunset else it would be too dark to navigate the winding roads.

We ended the day buying groceries from the supermarket and dinner from Marybrown.

It was also the hubby's birthday and I knew he's not a fan of cake so we planned to make a chicken "cake" with 19 pieces of chicken from Marybrown!

Not bad right! Everyone loved it! Happy birthday to the hubby! 🤩

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