Wednesday 23 November 2022

Road Trip Day 5: Awana SkyWay & Genting Premium Outlets

Our rooms did not come with breakfast so we had to look for breakfast at SkyAvenue Shopping Mall. We tried JR Curry, which was quite decent if you need a good teh-c and prata/noodles.

We made the difficult decision of not going to Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park as originally planned because it was simply too foggy for us to truly enjoy the experience. More reasons for us to come back!

Instead, we brought the younger kids to play at a small arcade in front of the Ripley's museum while the 3 teenagers explored the mall on their own (they were contactable by phone).

The kids had fun riding dinosaurs, cars, and motorcycles!

The boys even got to ride robots, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

The cost of the rides wasn't cheap but I'd consider it reasonable enough for the location.

The kids had a lot of fun!✌🏻

Even though the fog didn't clear up by noon, we decided to ride the Genting Awana SkyWay down the mountain.

We bought 2-way tickets and boarded our cable cars at SkyAvenue Station.

You can see how foggy the summit was! We couldn't even see the theme park below! The wind was so strong that our cable car swayed side to side! Cheap thrill for the adventurous but probably not so fun for those with a fear of heights!

At the mid-point is the Chin Swee Station, where you can disembark to explore the nearby temple for free.

There was also a long escalator that you can use to get to the summit if the cable cars were closed.

We continued on our journey down the mountain where the fog cleared up significantly.

We arrived at Awana Station and headed to the Genting Premium Outlets Shopping Mall to do some shopping.

We managed to find quite a lot of good deals at SuperDry, Under Armour and other sports shops.

I took the opportunity to take a photo of me and my Littlest's matching trench coats! 

We decided to have a simple fast food lunch at Burger King because they had an outdoor dining deck that had good views of the mountain.

After lunch, we continued shopping and came across a small playground for the kids to expend their energy!

We took the cable car back to the summit once we were done with our shopping.

It was a very smooth and easy journey up.

We left our shopping bags in the hotel and had dinner at The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden.

It was the World Cup season so all the eyes of the boys were hooked to the many TV screens displaying the live matches.

We love the food here, especially the onion rings and lemonade. Very yummy! 😋

The highlight was of course the fish and chips, which we ordered for almost everyone! 😬

The price of the meal wasn't cheap but we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! It was definitely worth the splurge in my opinion!

By the time we were done with our dinner, it was about 8.30. We wanted to enjoy some play time at SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park as we thought they closed at 10pm but the park closed at 9pm on weekdays! By the time we reached the park, it was about 8.45pm and they no longer sold tickets to the rides. 

To appease the little kids, we decided to bring them back to the mini arcade for some final rides while the adults and teenagers played a round of pool.

It also so happened to be the day of the release of the PSLE results! I checked online since we couldn't be there in person and found out that the Eldest got into Express. She was very relieved and happy!

It was a good day!

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