Thursday 24 November 2022

Road Trip Day 6: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

We had simple breakfast in our hotel rooms before checking out early. It was a steep drive down the mountain, though thankfully that the fog has cleared a bit and the roads were clear.

On the way to our next destination, we stopped by and had lunch at The Gift Tilapia Restaurant in Seremban (near KL).

As the name suggests, the restaurant is well-known for tilapia, which they breed themselves to ensure that the meat is fresh and tasty! It's a must to try their tilapia, and you can choose how you want your fish to be done 😊

We also ordered other dishes like fried egg, chicken and tofu, which were good, but I have to make special mention of their char siew! It was so tender, juicy and sweet! We loved it so much that we ordered another plate! Definitely recommend this restaurant if you're in the area! 😋

After a sumptuous lunch, we headed to Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson. We are no strangers to the Lexis Hotel Group, having stayed at Grand Lexis the last time we visited Port Dickson.

Like Grand Lexis, Lexis Hibiscus also offered spacious over-water villas, but the villas were built in the shape of a hibiscus flower, hence the name!

Image from Lexis Hibiscus website

We waited in the lobby while the dads parked the cars.

The resort staff instructed us to check in at the Lighthouse Club, located in the middle of the 'hibiscus flower', as we had booked the resort's version of a club room. We had to take a buggy to get there!

The lobby was nice and spacious, with a snack bar for the family to help themselves to drinks and snacks while waiting for us to check in.

We had booked (direct via their website) the Panorama Pool Sea View Villas, the best non-suite villa of the resort! The luxury suites were located at the 'stigma' (the furthest tip) of the hibiscus structure while our villas were located at the 'style' (the long stem coming out from the flower). We boarded another buggy to our villas after we got our key cards.

It cost us approximately S$350 per villa per night, inclusive of breakfast and evening cocktails for 2 adults. It was a splurge since we had saved some money on other accommodations on this trip but was definitely worth the splurge!

Each villa comes with 2 king beds, which accommodates 4 adults/teens and 2 children (12 years old and below). 

The bathroom of our villa was huge, even bigger than the living room of my home! 

As with all Lexis villas, there's a glass panel for you to spot any fish in the sea below (though we didn't spot any)! There was a good-sized bathtub and large shower area, which was separated from the toilet.

There were also adequate amenities, including the usual toiletries, bathrobe, iron, safe and bath slippers.

The best part of this villa was of course the in-room private pool that overlooked the sea! Compared to other water villas, Panorama Pool Sea View has more privacy as it wasn't facing the beach or other villas. However, I felt the pool was smaller than the private pool at Grand Lexis.

On hindsight, we should have asked for villas that had pools facing each other (as shown in the photo above) rather than villas that shared a wall so that we can see our other family members and play together (i.e., shoot each other with water guns)! 😆

The water villas all came equipped with a sauna, though ours took a really long time to heat up so we didn't use it much.

Other perks of our Panorama Pool Sea View Villa stay include: goodie bag with drinks and snacks, special reserved parking near the hotel's main lobby and afternoon tea for 4 persons (2 per villa)! 😊

We had to take turns to have afternoon tea, which was served at the Lighthouse Club.

We had a good view of the sunset and other water villas from the restaurant (see what I mean by less privacy for other water villas? 😀).

The drinks and food selection was limited but good. I personally enjoyed the fresh juice from the bottle.

While we enjoyed our afternoon tea, the rest of the family had a good time playing in the pool! The kids loved it so much that it was hard to get them to come out!

If your kids are bored of the pool, they can also play at the indoor playground at Level 2 of the main building (at an additional charge). We didn't because our kids loved the pool and beach so much that we never felt the need to pay extra for the playground! 😆

The eldest nephew is a gym junkie (and he drags his brother to visit every gym at our accommodations), so I got them to send me a photo of the gym which was located in the main building. Although it was large and fully equipped, they complained that it wasn't very functional due to the odd placement of the machines.

As we wanted to spend more time enjoying our villas, we ordered pizzas for room service while the husbands head out to buy back various Chinese food to add to our dinner. Very yummy!

The kids were zonked out before midnight! Especially the Littlest Girl, who enjoyed sleeping in the very well-equipped baby cot provided by the resort.

Looking forward to more fun tomorrow! 

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