Friday 25 November 2022

Road Trip Day 7: Sand, Swim & Sea Sports at Port Dickson

We had the choice of breakfast at the restaurant at the main building or the Lighthouse Club (the same restaurant we had afternoon tea yesterday). The family decided to have breakfast at the latter so that they didn't have to squeeze with the crowd.

Only 4 of us could go for the breakfast, so we decided to take turns. It was our turn to sleep in today, so we had yummy cup noodles by the pool while watching the kids swim (more details on the breakfast when it's our turn tomorrow)!

I also brought along bath bombs that I bought from Don Don Donki as I knew we had bathtubs in our villa. The Sumikko Gurashi one was in the shape of one of the characters and had a small souvenir inside that we could keep after dissolving the bath bomb. 

Before we went for lunch, we boarded a buggy to the main building and walked to the private beach to play with the sand. Thank God for good weather!

The resort also offered various water sports and activities by the beach. 

The in-laws tried the jet skis, which cost RM 150 for approximately 15 minutes. Unlike Batam where you must have a local driver to ride the jet ski with you, they allowed you to drive the jet ski yourself here! The brother-in-law rode with his second son while his oldest son drove the jet ski with his mum on pillion (the brave woman who entrusted her life into the hands of her son completely! Hahaha!). They had a great time!

The mums and the younger kids rode the Airhead, which was a less thrilling but kid-friendly option. The ride costs RM35 per person (min 2, max 6 persons).

With the wind in our hair and lots of turns, all of us had fun on the Airhead, even my normally timid boy! 

The parents decided to ride the Bandwagon, which was RM35 per person (min 2, max 4). Unlike the Airhead ride, the kids were not allowed to ride this, and the staff did not allow us to bring our phones, sunglasses or anything that could be flung off our bodies onto the bandwagon! How intense was this ride going to be? We were about to find out!

When we first set off, the jet ski that was pulling our boat was moving quite steadily. So we enthusiastically signalled for our driver to increase speed! And increase he did, going so fast that the whole boat was overturned and all four of us were thrown into the sea! Now we know why we weren't allowed to bring anything with us!

Thankfully we were not hurt but we had to climb back up the boat, which was harder than it looks! The brother-in-law asked me to swap places with him so that I can experience what it was like to stand at the back. It was way more thrilling (and more tiring!) to stand because you needed to cling on tight or you might loose your grip and fall off the boat! You'll also need to balance well or you might end up flipping the boat again! Super thrilling but fun! 😆

Towards the end of the ride, the Sister-in-law, who had already gone on 2 rides before this, finally got too tired to hold on any longer! I saw her slid right off the boat and screamed for the driver to stop so we could go back and pull her up! Very dramatic! 😅 

Usually the driver would do a super fast manoeuver to throw us into the sea just before returning to the beach but seeing as we had already done that, he just pulled us back normally. Definitely a memorable experience and one I don't think I'll forget! 😀

We brought the kids to wash off all the sand before hopping on the buggy back to our villas to wash up. 

We were all hungry from the morning's activities and drove out to Ah Cui Bak Kut Teh for lunch as we enjoyed it on our last visit to Port Dickson.

The soup was as tasty as we remembered and we enjoyed our lunch. 

After lunch, we shopped at Regina Mall, which wasn't very big but had our favourite store Mr DIY. The mall also had a Mr Dollar, which sounds like the imitation version of Mr DIY but turned out to be a subsidiary of the Mr DIY group.

Other than the 2 stores, the mall didn't have anything else for us so we headed back.

On the way back, we stopped by Lighthouse 500, which was famous for their chocolate products. We bought some to give as gifts to friends and relatives 😊

We got back to our villas just in time for the 2 dads, sister-in-law and oldest nephew (i.e., the 'drinkers') to go for their afternoon tea while the rest of us went swimming in our private pools.

I managed to capture the sun setting behind a working lighthouse, whose beams of light flashed when it turned dark. 

I Googled and discovered that it was the Cape Rachado Lighthouse, which is believed to be the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia! 

We were too tired to go out for dinner and had the usual take-out in our rooms again.

We bought quite a lot of craft kits from Mr DIY so I got the younger kids to do some art and crafts on the floor. They had a lot of fun while I didn't have to worry about cleaning up too much 😃

The kids were so tired that they were asleep by midnight! Meanwhile the parents soaked in the pool and chatted into the night! 🌛

What bliss! Very blessed indeed ☺️

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