Sunday 11 December 2022

Bali II Day 4: Le Fresa Kintamani & Lake Batur Tour

Everyone had a great sleep the night before except for me, as I had to take care of the Littlest Girl who had vomited in the middle of the night! Thankfully she felt better in the morning so we headed to the restaurant for breakfast, which was included in our room package. We each ordered an ala carte main course (6 in total) from a list of main courses ranging from local Indonesian delights to Western breakfast to simple Coco Crunch!

The food and coffee were so good! All the plates were empty by the time we were done with our meal 😋

After breakfast, we went on a half-day tour  (approximately 5 hours) to nearby attractions via our hotel's transport. We had booked it with our hotel the day before for 500k rupiah. It was very value-for-money, considering that we got a very comfortable ride and a very helpful and considerate driver.

We've ridden on buggies many times but this buggy was bigger and faster than what we've ever experienced.

Our first stop was La Fresa Kintamani, one of the strawberry farms in Kintamani. Not many people are aware that you can pick strawberries in Bali! 

The strawberries at La Fresa were of Japanese quality and guaranteed to taste good! We paid 110k rupiah each for 4 of us to go strawberry-picking. The price includes 200g of freshly-picked strawberries, a packet of freeze-dried strawberries and a bottle of strawberry smoothie.

The farm was bigger compared to Cameron Highlands! It reminded me of the farms in Australia!

The kids enjoyed picking the strawberries! There weren't many left to pick but we still managed to pick enough to fill our baskets.

When we were done, we headed back to weigh our strawberries and collect our freeze-dried strawberries and smoothies.

Our strawberries were placed into nice packaging for us to take home! Yummy! 😋

There was a nice area for us to relax and enjoy our smoothies and strawberries!

Next, our driver drove us to Grand Puncak Sari for lunch (Montana Del Cafe is also a good alternative).

We got two tables outside with great views of the mountain! ⛰️ The food and drinks were also delicious and very value-for-money! That explains why this restaurant was crowded with both locals and tourists!

Obviously we had to take more pictures of Mt Batur after our very satisfying lunch!

You can see a glimpse of Lake Batur from the restaurant but we wanted to go nearer to the lake. We initially wanted to visit Toya Devasya hot spring, which was located next to the lake and about 25 minutes away from the hotel by car, but we decided to give it a miss as we had our own private hot spring pool!

Instead, our driver parked along a very busy street so that we can cross to a lookout to get a better view of the lake.

Although we did get a clearer view of the lake, we felt that it wasn't worth the effort to go all the way to the lookout for it as the views from the restaurant were good enough. To make our experience worse, we were constantly harassed by the local 'auntie' sellers, trying to sell their wares! Although their wares were cheap, their persistence and stalking made me feel really unsafe to pull out my wallet and reveal where I kept my money. I was also concerned that if I had bought from one person, the rest will come and pressure me to buy from them too! 

Anyway, we were more than happy to escape and head back to the hotel earlier than anticipated! We had such a great time and enjoyed our time at Kintamani 😀

We spent the rest of the afternoon in our villa pool and ate the fresh Japanese strawberries that we got from the farm 🍓

We ordered room service again because we were too lazy to leave our villa. Room service is generally cheaper in Bali than Singapore anyway! 😁

We told the staff that we were celebrating my mum's actual birthday and they came personally to the villa to sing her 'happy birthday'! She was so happy that she got to celebrate her birthday 3 times!

After a good dinner, we spent the rest of the night enjoying our pool to maximise its use before we check out tomorrow! 

We love Kintamani and highly recommend visiting if you happened to be in Bali! 😀

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