Monday 12 December 2022

Bali II Day 5: Hard Rock Hotel & Beachwalk Shopping Centre

The Littlest Girl slept very well the night before! Finally, I could sleep through the night on this trip!

We went to the restaurant for our ala carte breakfast, as we had done the day before. This time, we all ordered something different to try. Breakfast was good! 😋

We hired the same driver who sent us to Kintamani to transport us to our next destination after we checked out of our villa. We stopped by Mahen Coffee & Shabu for lunch on the way.

Mahen was famous for their hotpot, which was interesting because the soup base was classic Indonesian style, very different from the soup base that we were used to.

As with most of the Kintamani restaurants, this one also had great views of Lake Batur!

After lunch, we headed down the mountain to Kuta. Along the way, many roads were closed so our poor driver had to take many detours through steep, winding and narrow roads! Our driver also had to content with bad traffic in the popular Kuta area.

Thank God our driver was an expert in navigating the winding roads and heavy traffic so we still managed to arrive at Hard Rock Hotel Bali just before 4pm.

We booked 2 Deluxe Rooms at S$152 per room per night (inclusive of breakfast for 2A2C). It's probably the cheapest Hard Rock Hotel we've stayed at so far! Our rooms also came with free welcome drinks and a 15-minute photoshoot (with 1 free hardcopy printout per room).

The room was relatively small but new since the rooms were recently refurbished. For the price, it was very value-for-money! 

There were also ample amenities in the room such as bathrobes, safe, iron, toiletries, etc.

The hotel also provided us with a cot that we requested for. It was simple but it did the job.

We headed to the pool once we were sufficiently unpacked. One of the highlights of our stay here was the humongous pool! There're slides, sand and even a children's playground!

We all loved the pool! It was so much fun exploring every corner of it, including this very unique "Greek-looking" structure that made up of stairs and jacuzzi pools.

I've never seen anything like it! It was a super cool feature that connected the main deep pool with the children's pool.

After swimming, we washed up and walked for about 10 minutes to the nearby Beachwalk Shopping Centre. We had a glimpse of Kuta Beach along the way and I managed to take a quick snap of the sunset! Love the beautiful purple sky!

We had to register on an equivalent of Singapore's "Trace Together" and produce our vaccination certificates before we were allowed into the mall.

Dehydrated from all the walking and queuing to get into the mall, we stopped by Re-juve to get some juice.

We explored the mall looking for food options and eventually decided on a food court called Pasa Rame located on the top floor.

The food was good and relatively cheap but the air felt like a sauna because the food court was not air-conditioned! We managed to find a table near some air-conditioned shops and yet we can't wait to finish our meal and escape into the shops with air-conditioning!

After dinner, we spent the rest of the night exploring the mall, which was decorated with lots of lights!

After a long day, it was good to enjoy a good sleep back in our hotel 🙂


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