Tuesday 13 December 2022

Bali II Day 6: Shopping & Swimming in Kuta

The Littlest Girl woke up this morning with the worst case of hives I had ever seen all over her legs! I was quite sure that she was allergic to the wool blanket that the hotel had given us because, well, I have the same allergy! It's just sad that my Littlest has it too 😢😭

We decided to head for breakfast anyway since all of us were hungry. There was a long queue and when we finally got a table, it wasn't clean. The buffet area was messy and dirty. Someone had also spilled food on the floor but no one had time to clean it up because it was a peak period and the hotel was understaffed. Once I saw the condition of the restaurant, it immediately gave me flashbacks of an allergic reaction (to the dirt) and triggered my "OCD". I already didn't have much of a mood to eat because my baby wasn't well but this definitely broke the camel's back. I headed back to the room with the Littlest Girl, who also did not have an appetite, while the rest of the family continued with their breakfast.

It's times like this that I'm grateful that I always remember to pack medication on all our trips! I fed the Littlest Girl her milk and Zyrtec and got her to sleep so that she didn't feel so uncomfortable.

My mum offered to watch the Littlest while the hubby, boy and I headed to the pool for a morning swim.

The boy enjoyed his one-on-one time with us at the pool. Poolside drinks were relatively cheaper than Singapore so we ordered a couple.

Loving our very colourful drinks! 🥤

When we returned to our rooms, the Littlest Girl had woken up from her nap. As she was doing a lot better, we headed out to explore the Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club.

Unlike our stay at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru, the kids club here was chargeable.

We decided to give it a miss and let the kids play at the playground next to the kids club. They only played for 15 minutes as it was too hot!

We explored the street behind Hard Rock Hotel and decided to have lunch at Little Italy

The simple looking restaurant lived up to its name. The Italian food was very good! 

We loved the soup and pastas but our pick for the best dish had to go to the ravioli! It was so yummy!

Of course we had to order desserts, which were really tasty too 😋

After lunch, we shopped along the streets and bought quite a lot of things despite having to endure the intense heat from the afternoon sun! The fashionista Eldest Girl bought cute little handmade bags.

We headed back to our hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool since my girls didn't get a chance to swim in the morning.

The Littlest enjoyed playing with the sand while the older two enjoyed the slides.

We were happy to laze around in the pool all day but if you prefer to explore more of Kuta, you can visit the following places nearby:

  • Dream Museum Zone Bali
  • Upside Down World Bali
  • Waterbom Bali
  • Bali Sea Turtle Society

We ended the night with a simple dinner of KFC and McDonald's in our hotel room. It's nice to just relax and not have an agenda once in a while 😀

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