Friday 28 April 2023

Playdate at Kidztopia Jurong Point

I've been wanting to bring the littlest girls to check out Kidztopia Jurong Point and my opportunity came when their school was closed for a day in April. The Lee 'twins' were so excited!

They started by pretending to be police officers and supermarket stall owners.

Next, they played with 'sand' in the sandpit.

They loved playing so much that they almost didn't want to eat their lunch, which was part of the promotional admission package we had bought.

The food was not bad but the kids were more excited to go back to playing than they were about eating!

The kids loved the huge ball pit and enjoyed the slides and interactive board.

We also loved the interactive trampoline, which was also fun for adults to play with the kids!

There was a small play room available for kids who enjoyed quiet and creative play.

I suppose this interactive screen was supposed to do more than scribbles but I couldn't figure out how to get it to work! They loved the scribbling though! And digital meant a tap of a button to erase! Super convenient!

One of the main attractions of the playground was the carousel, which was only operated by staff every hour. It was tiny but kids enjoyed it!

The kids almost didn't want to leave because they were having so much fun! I won a lot of fun mum/aunt points today đŸ˜„


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