Friday 10 February 2023

CNY & Littlest's 4th Birthday

This year we finally could enjoy CNY like we did pre-COVID! I've always loved festivals but the pandemic makes you appreciate them even more! 😃

Reunion Dinner

As usual, I decorated my home with pretty rabbit CNY decorations. I've also made my own lanterns to hang in my living room!

We kept reunion dinner relatively simple, with 2 mookata plates and lots of ingredients! 😀

CNY Day 1

Unlike the year before where there were still restrictions on number of visitors to a home, there were no more restrictions this year! Hooray! 🥳

The extended family on my mum's side happily met up at my only surviving grandparent's house together! 

We had to take a picture to commemorate the occasion, especially since many of the kids have grown up and look so different!

The Lee family gathered in the evening to have dinner and lohei.

I really treasure family gatherings because before you know it, time has passed and things will not be the same anymore!


We spent CNY Day 2 with the extended Lee family and Day 3 (which was still a public holiday) at MBS. The hubby brought us to try Koma, which is most well-known for their beautiful Japanese decor.

The food was good but the most spectacular in my opinion was the desserts! Especially their edible bonsai! Definitely my favourite part of the meal!

We asked the staff to help us take some family photos before heading to the new interactive art exhibit next to the food court that used to be the ice skating rink.

This is a paid activity but we had two free tickets because we were MBS Prestige members.

Just like the Sketch Aquarium in the Art Science Museum, the kids coloured pictures of marine animals, which were scanned into a machine so that they will appear in the interactive floor. We waited for a long time but their pictures didn't come up! There was a problem with the scanner! Sad 😢

Nevertheless the kids had a lot of fun! 😀

Littlest's 4th Birthday

The Littlest was born during CNY period hence we usually celebrate her birthday close to CNY. She had so many cakes for her birthday this year!

Her dad also brought her to eat her favourite beef, with medium doneness just as she likes it!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday darling! It's so great that we are able to have our usual gatherings and celebrations! 🥳


Past CNY celebrations:

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