Monday 4 July 2022

Eldest Girl's 12th Birthday at SuperPark

The Eldest Girl announced that she wanted a 'simple' birthday at SuperPark with her best friends and cousins. So the blessed birthday girl got what she wanted! 😆

I booked a package of 8, since it's cheaper and can be shared among our group of exactly 8 (7 kids plus me). The kids/teens ran off as soon as they entered the park!

The park is more suitable for older kids, though younger preschoolers can hang out at the toddler park on the upper floor or the play structure at the lower floor.

Our brood of older kids headed straight to the pedal cars. The course was very short and nothing much but was cheap thrill for all of us 😃

The kids enjoyed it very much, though a few of them got stuck in the tunnel 😅

We proceeded to the next game, which was really fun: just shoot some basketballs into the holes to earn points!

Next, we headed to the lower level where the youngest in the group, my boy, explored the play structure (the older kids completely ignored it because they were simply too big for it!).

He said it was fun but he didn't stay long. I suppose my boy has really outgrown play structures meant for younger kids (cos he's taller than average).

The flying fox on the other hand, was loved by all! It was so fun!

The tube slide looked fun but it was really slooooow! That's why other than my boy, none of us did this activity more than once. 

The kids also tried their hand at archery, which looked easier than it is. The older kids needed a lot of practice to get it right and even then, they found it hard to hit the yellow target 😆

No park will be complete without trampolines! Yippee!

The older kids were also big fans basketball and played a simple game of 3 on 3. 

My boy decided to try the obstacle course, which looked easier than it is, instead!

We also tried the climbing walls, which were a piece of cake for my eldest nephew, the oldest kid in our group.

It was my boy's first time climbing and he made it almost halfway, which isn't bad for his first try. Hopefully the next time he will try going higher 🙂

My favourite activities in SuperPark have to be the SuperPinball and SuperHoop in the Game Arena! Soooo fun! 

SuperPinball is basically trying to kick a ball into holes to score points.

SuperHoop is that same concept, but with basketballs! Super fun to play as a group!

The boy rated it the best indoor playground that he had ever been to! For a kid who has been to many indoor playgrounds, this says a lot!

The birthday girl also said she had a lot of fun! 😃

That evening, we had a birthday party at home with all her cousins.

Simple, just what she wanted 😅

Happy 12th Birthday my darling! Can't believe that she has become a teen like overnight! Too fast, too fast!!!!! Please always be my baby girl no matter your age 😃😍


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