Saturday 17 December 2022

Bali II Day 9-10: Last Days in Bali & My Reflections


After breakfast at Prego (see previous post), we headed to the beach and pool for our usual morning swim. 

Only the Littlest Girl wanted to chill at the beach with the daddy. The older two preferred to swim and slide at the swimming pool.

They enjoyed their father-daughter time and had a lot of fun looking for crabs and other animals!

At noon, we discovered that the hotel was giving out free ice-cream to all the kids at the pool (adults don't get any though😒)!

Kids loved their ice cream! πŸ˜‹πŸ¦

As the adults did not get to eat much ice cream, we headed to Seasonal Tastes for lunch.

My littlest girl is also a food critic like her sister and is very picky about what she puts in her mouth. Hence, I was really surprised that she loved the mini baguettes! The bread was warm and so yummy!

The main courses were also very good in general. We definitely made the right choice to go with ala carte instead of buffet.

After lunch, we headed to Bali Collection again for more shopping and massages. I bought so many souvenirs that we got hungry and had tea at Nusa while waiting for the bus back to our hotel.

It was a lovely cafe, with nice drinks and cakes. It also had a nice view of the drop-off so that we can head over only when we spot the bus approaching! 

We spent the rest of the evening chilling in the room before we headed to Hamabe Japanese Restaurant again for dinner because we simply loved it so much the day before!

This time, we were given seats at the sushi counter so that we can watch the chef at work. The chef was a very chatty fellow, who shared how he had previously worked at Dubai and only recently returned to Bali to get married!  

I mean, for this family of food lovers to return to this restaurant twice, you can imagine just how good the food was! Better than most Japanese restaurants in Singapore, I can tell you that much! What a great way to end the last night of our trip in Bali!

DAY 10

The next morning we were told that Prego was closed, so we headed to Seasonal Tastes for our breakfast. There was a generous spread of food here and we were spoilt for choice.

We checked out after breakfast and headed to Ngurah Rai International Airport to catch our flight back to Singapore.

The new airport is much larger than the old one so don't forget to give yourself some time to walk to your gate.

The flight was on time and soon we were on our way back.

Even though the food was good, I really dislike the paper packaging. Really don't see how single-use paper is better for the environment. Using recycled paper, maybe? Most importantly, the paper packaging makes it very hard for the little ones to eat from it because it has no support. They grip it too hard and the whole box crumbles. Am personally all for sustainability and the environment but I'm skeptical how this will achieve the goal of reducing waste. I'm glad SQ will be redesigning the packaging. 

After more than 7 hours on the plane, we finally arrived at Changi Airport!

Home Sweet Home! πŸ˜ƒ

My Reflections:

It was definitely the redemption trip that I had anticipated! We had an amazing time! 😁

There are also surprisingly a lot to do in 10 days in Bali. We were happily occupied most of the time! The only thing I will change, if it were up to me, is that I would have spent one more day in Kuta and one less day in Nusa Dua because I prefer fun activities (which may include squeezing with crowds) to boring, laid-back beach resorts. That's just me πŸ˜‚

All in all, a very value-for-money, all rounded, kid-friendly trip! We'll definitely be back πŸ˜„

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