Friday 9 June 2023

Sydney II Day 8-9: Last Days in Sydney City


We went back to Sydney Fish Market for breakfast this morning because we couldn't get enough of the food πŸ˜„

We decided to pack our food back to our hotel to eat for 2 reasons: 1) there were limited parking lots at our hotel and we wanted to ensure we could find a good lot before the lunch crowd, 2) parking was expensive at Sydney Fish Market!

We ordered fresh seafood from Peter's this time. The hubby wanted to try their grilled lobster legs!

I remembered loving fried whitebait when we had it in London, hence when I saw something similar at the fish market, I bought a box to try.

The whitebait turned out to be so good that the Littlest Girl almost finished a whole box herself! πŸ˜‹

We brought the rest of the food back to the apartment and lay them on our dining table.

Obviously, the grilled and fried food would have been much better eaten at the restaurant but it still tasted great!

My kids' favourite was the avocado salmon sushi donut! My boy still asks for avocado sushi back in Singapore as he missed it so much!

After brunch, we headed back to QVB for more shopping.

We ended up not buying anything but it was nice admiring the British decor that reminded me so much of London!

I wanted to see if there's something I'd like at Louis Vuitton since the hubby had not gotten me a birthday present. I found a pink Speedy that both me and my Littlest Girl love! She was like, "Mummy get it!" 🀭

I love my birthday present! I use it all the time now! 🩷

One of the hubby's favourite brands, Boss, was having a sale and he managed to buy some clothes for a good deal!

As we explored the streets, we came across Midcity Mall, where I found Goelia! I've seen it online and liked their clothes but needed to try them in person before buying.

I bought a pink trenchcoat that I'm super in love with! πŸ˜„

We also stumbled on a BTS Pop-up store! I'm not so 'army' that I will buy the merchandise but 'army' enough to sing along with at least 10 songs and recognise its choreography after just 10 seconds of seeing it πŸ˜†

We were tired from shopping and decided to take the tram back to our hotel instead of walking. Interestingly, you tap at the tram stop before you board the tram rather than tapping onboard.

After dinner, I brought the kids for a swim at the pool one last time.

As usual, after the swim, the kids soaked in the bathtub with a Donki bath bomb. Blessed life indeed πŸ˜„ 

With that, it was our last night in Sydney! We'll be heading back to Singapore the next morning! We were so sad that our time in Sydney was ending πŸ₯²


We woke early this morning for breakfast before checking out of our hotel and heading to the airport.

We returned our rental car and took the shuttle bus to the airport.

We processed our tax refunds before having lunch at McDonald's.

We also did some last minute shopping at the airport before boarding our Singapore Airlines plane. 

There're people who don't like SQ food but for our family of foodies, we are not one of them! I personally like SQ food the best compared to all other airlines I've flown with (and this includes ANA & JAL)! Maybe because the taste reminds me of home 😁

Singapore Airlines also brought back their famous ice cream on their longer flights! Love it so much!

We were sad that our vacation ended but happy to be home! 😊

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