Thursday 15 June 2023

KL V Day 1: Robertson & Syokudo Yae Yakitori

We enjoy road tripping in Malaysia together with the Hubby's 2nd brother and family so much that we intend to do at least one road trip together each year. Since we went on an epic multi-city road trip last year, we kept it simple this year and stayed within Kuala Lumpur.

The drive there was of course shorter than Ipoh but more unpleasant due to the terrible traffic.

We arrived at our accommodation around noon and couldn't check into our apartment as we were too early. We left our luggage at the lobby and hung out at the nearby GMBB mall while waiting until the earliest check-in time at 2.30pm.

There was nothing much to do at the mall so we had lunch at Jamaica Blue. Food was quite good!

When it was finally time for us to check in, we headed back to The Robertson Kuala Lumpur to collect our key cards.

We had booked two Deluxe Three Bedroom Suites at $95 per apartment per night (each apartment accommodates 6 adults)! The apartment was super cheap but of course that meant certain problems (as you'll see later). 

We were greeted with the kitchenette and living room when we opened the front door of our apartment. It was quite nicely decorated, with a very homely feel.

There was no space in the tiny kitchenette for a fridge so they had to put it in the middle of the apartment. The first 'bedroom', which was located next to the fridge and closed off by sliding partitions, was for the Mum-in-law and Littlest Girl.

The second bedroom was located behind the kitchenette and had two single beds and a washing machine at the back (behind the curtains).

As there was only one air-conditioner that served the kitchenette, living room and both bedrooms, you can imagine how hot it can be in this tiny bedroom! Moreover, when the washing machine was in use, it produced even more heat and noise! The only saving grace was the wall fan (which was absent in the Bro-in-law's apartment) and hand-held fans we brought!

The master bedroom was the only room with its own air-conditioning, hence it was the coldest (this worked out for the Hubby and I, who are very heat-adversed)!

In general, there were very little wardrobe space except for a tiny wardrobe in the master bedroom and metal bar outside the bathroom. There were also very little hangers hence we couldn't use both at the same time. I hung up our own Daiso clothes line to hang all our washed clothes instead.

The biggest downside had to be the sole bathroom in the apartment! There were few amenities and the toilet got choked after a few uses!

For the rest of our stay, we had to use the public toilets at the swimming pool whenever we needed to 'take a dump'. It was super inconvenient 🙁

The saving grace of this apartment is the high floor and amenities like the large infinity pool and gym!

We all love the pool and swam in it day and night despite the freezing water!

There was also a small playground but the kids were more interested in the pool and the gym. The older nephews went to the gym every day! 😀

Despite the positives of this apartment (value-for-money, good amenities and location), we would not stay here again because the faulty bathroom and lack of air-conditioning in the 3rd room is a big deal breaker for us!

When it came time for dinner, the Bro-in-law insisted that we check out the highly rated Yakitori Syokudo Yae.

It wasn't difficult to find the restaurant with Google Maps. The restaurant looks pretty authentic Japanese!

The food was indeed soooooo good! My Littlest Girl loved the garlic rice, and that says a lot coming from a very picky eater!

With a big family and lots of mouths to share the food, we could order one of everything to try! And we really did, including beef tongue and other unique dishes that're too expensive to order in Singapore! 😂


We ate so much but the bill amounted to one third what we would have paid in Singapore! Super worth it! 😋🩷

We did some quick shopping at the nearby Noko before heading back.

It was a great first day of our trip!

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