Friday 16 June 2023

KL V Day 2: Berjaya Times Square & KLCC

We had breakfast at Ten Seng Dim Sum Teahouse, which was famous for their dim sum.

The food was good! After a very full breakfast, we drove to Berjaya Times Square for some shopping and fun.

I had really wanted to bring my kids to play at Berjaya Times Square Theme Park but the rest of the family was not keen. 

Instead, we rode various rides around the mall and played bowling!

My two younger kids have never bowled before so it was quite an experience for them! They had a lot of fun!

The Littlest's older cousin also volunteered to ride her around the mall! She had a great time!

The mall was huge so everyone split up to do what they wanted to do. 

We arranged to meet back at KFC at 4pm to head to our next destination, Suria KLCC

The decision to go to KLCC was made last minute, hence we didn't book the tickets to visit the observatory. Yet again I missed the chance as the tickets were sold out! Oh well 😅

We spent some time shopping at the mall and headed back to our apartment. Some of us brought the kids for a swim while some of us went to buy dinner. Not hard to tell which group I was in (hint: I like to swim! Haha).

After a long day out, it was nice to have warm and tasty food to fill our bellies! 😋

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