Saturday 17 June 2023

KL V Day 3: Cafes, Sunway Pyramid Hotel & Mall

We were excited to have breakfast at one of the many beautiful cafes at Jln Sin Chew Kee. The rows of shophouses were conveniently located behind our apartment building.

We had our breakfast at the aptly named Breakfast Spot, which looked like a mini greenhouse. 

They specialised in pastries and tarts, which looked really good!

The Mum-in-law and my 2 younger kids didn't join us because we thought there wouldn't be food for them. Turns out, the cafes also sold local dishes like Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang, albeit with a twist!

Drinks were very beautifully presented and instagram-worthy! We ordered Eggs Benedict with Salmon, Smoke Salmon on Toast, Eggs Benedict Rendang, Waffles and Chicken Rendang (see pictures below).

Food was good and much cheaper than Singapore due to the exchange rate! Very satisfying! 😋

We wanted to try the other cafes as well and bought some tarts from Broom next door. 

We had wanted to dine at Three Years Old Cafe but as they opened later than the other cafes, we only bought some pastries to go.

The desserts were delicious! Definitely worth the calories 😋

We checked out soon after and headed to our next accommodation, Sunway Pyramid Hotel. It was chosen for its close proximity to Sunway Lagoon and mall and the availability of family rooms.

As we had 6 adults, 3 teens and 4 children in our group, we needed 3 Family Rooms. Each room accommodates 4 adults and cost S$368 per room per night (inclusive of breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children). However, the hotel does not have its own swimming pool.

The rooms were very spacious, with adequate amenities such as a coffee machine and microwave! The bunk beds were comfortable and just right for our kids. The large sofa was great for evening chit-chats.

Interestingly, the bathroom had two toilet cubicles! We thought the extra toilet was unnecessary and could be better utilised as a bathtub! It was quite disappointing that such a large bathroom did not have a bathtub!

It was nice of the hotel to also provide us with welcome fruits! 😊

The best part of this hotel was the direct access to Sunway Pyramid Mall via a walkway that remained open even past midnight when everything was closed. This meant that the older kids could watch a midnight movie at the mall without the adults and return to their rooms safely. Everyone loved the convenience!

The mall also housed a large ice skating rink, where all the kids except my Boy and Littlest got to skate.

The mall was huge! It was fun checking out all the shops!

At dinner time, we drove to Restoran Crocodile Farm Seafood Village in search for good seafood.

Food was good and we ended up eating way too much! 😄

We retreated to our rooms and had a great sleep that night because of our comfortable king-sized bed and the fact that the Littlest Girl slept on one of the bunk beds so she couldn't squeeze with or kick us! ☺️

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