Monday 19 June 2023

KL V Day 4-5: Sunway Lagoon & Back


The next morning, we had breakfast at Sunset Terrace Restaurant, located at neighbouring Sunway Resort Hotel as our hotel's restaurant was undergoing renovations. It was actually an upgrade because Sunway Resort is a 5-star hotel! It was my first choice actually but they didn't have family rooms that could accommodate our large family!

The restaurant had a cool Kids Dining area that catered to little kids. It reminded me of Shangri-La hotels (example: our last staycation at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa).

The kids, especially my picky Littlest Girl, loved being able to see the food at eye-level and choose what they wanted to eat. 

Food was good in general, especially the variety of cheeses!

After breakfast, we prepared for our day at Sunway Lagoon. I had always wanted to return ever since my parents first brought us to Sunway Lagoon when we were kids. We took multiple escalators from our hotel down to the entrance of the park.

We bought our tickets via Klook and they cost us S$56.65 per adult and S$48.50 per child (12 years and below), non-Malaysian rate. Our tickets came with Gongcha vouchers, which we redeemed at Sunway Pyramid Mall the next day.

We started at the Water Park where my Littlest and Boy had fun at the kids water play area!

The rest of the kids and adults (except for the hubby) went on the Vuvuzela, the largest vortex ride in the park (you can't miss it)! Fair warning, there's a big drop but we loved it so much we went again many times! 😄

After the thrill of Vuvuzela, we also tried the smaller slides, which were less thrilling but still fun.

The hubby and my younger kids later joined our group to experience the lazy river together. Just like we did before in Lost World of Tambun Ipoh, we didn't rent floats because of the hassle of taking care of them when not in use.

The river was nicely decorated but super slow. We spent most of our time floating/walking and enjoying each others' company.

By the time we returned to the starting point, we were hungry and had lunch at Marrybrown.

We also celebrated my eldest nephew's birthday with a 'cake' made of fried chicken! However, the 18-year-old was insistent this was unnecessary! Oh well 😅

After lunch, we walked to the Wildlife Park to see the animals in their zoo.

There were many opportunities to interact with the animals! The kids took turns to carry a cameleon.

We also bought some fish to feed the otters! It was eye-opening for the Littlest!

The petting zoo was also really fun for the kids!

We were almost reaching the other end of the park, where Lost Lagoon was located. It was another water play area, with more rides and an even larger playground for the kids!

Some of the rides were more thrilling, but some were good, not great.

The kids loved the playground though, and stayed there for more than an hour.

When we were finally able to drag the kids out of Lost Lagoon, we walked back to the surf pool. On the way, we passed the base of the suspension bridge, where half our group decided to climb up and take in the views from the bridge.

The bridge was supposed to lead you to the Amusement Park but we didn't visit as we suspected that it was not open as we couldn't hear any sounds in that area (if the rides were open, you'd definitely hear shouts or screams).

We headed back to the Surf Beach to join the rest of the family. Although Sunway Lagoon claimed that they were the world's largest surf pool, there were no waves at all the whole time that we were there! We waited for it for a long time! Super disappointing!

We ended the day riding the Vuvuzela one last time and checking out the Waterplexx 5D show, which was one of the worst 4/5D shows I've ever watched actually! 😵

Although I preferred Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh more than Sunway Lagoon, it was fun while it lasted! Though I don't think I'd return any time soon.

The Littlest was really tired after a long day and crashed in her bed the moment she returned to the room! 

Later that evening, the hubby and I had simple Korean food for dinner as we were too tired.  

We couldn't wait to enjoy a good night's sleep!


The next day, we had breakfast at the same restaurant and checked out of the hotel. We started the long drive back home and stopped at Aeon Bukit Indah for lunch and shopping. Unfortunately, many of our favourite restaurants did not survive the pandemic! In the end, we ate at Vivo, which was not bad.

One of the kids fell ill after our day at the theme park, hence we bought some essentials and headed home. I myself had to take MC two days after I returned to Singapore because I likely caught the same bug! 😅

It was still a good trip! I cherish these experiences with my nieces and nephews while we can still travel together! Looking forward to more road trips together! 😄

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