Sunday 5 May 2024

Dubai Day 6: Nakheel Mall, Palm Monorail & More Swimming

We woke up to clear blue skies in the morning!

We dressed up and headed for breakfast at LIV restaurant as we were hungry!

Since we were relatively early, there was no queue. The restaurant thoughtfully provided refreshments anyway, just in case guests had to wait.

The buffet breakfast had a good variety of food! There's a whole section dedicated to hummus lovers (like me! 😜) and an egg station that allowed you to order your eggs the way you like it. They'd even serve the eggs to your table so you don't have to wait in line!

There was also a good selection of pastry, which is my favourite kind of breakfast food! 🥐

It was a Sunday morning with very few people in the restaurant. The Hubby guessed that people were most probably exhausted from all the partying the night before! 😅

The staff also served our choice of coffee or tea to our table. My earl grey tea was good, as were the food we grabbed from the buffet line.

After a very fulfilling breakfast, we changed into our swimwear and headed for the beach and the pool! We really love to swim! 😄😍

The beach and the pool were also less crowded than the day before.

By noon, it got too hot to swim so we returned to our room to wash up. We headed to the lobby and the concierge got us a cab to the nearby Nakheel Mall (cost AED 21).

You can visit the Palm Observation Deck here but we decided that visiting the world's tallest building was 'bird's eye view' enough for us!

Instead, the Hubby looked for a restaurant to have lunch. He walked past many restaurants and finally decided on Vapiano, an Italian restaurant.

Food was good in general, though I thought the carbonara pasta was too sickening after a few bites (too heavy 🥴).

After lunch, we shopped at Waitrose again because obviously we are addicted to supermarkets! 🤣 You can find almost anything in a supermarket at a reasonable price 😆

Another interesting thing is the Monorail actually passes through Nakheel Mall!

We could have taken the taxi back to our hotel but why take a taxi when you can take the monorail?! 🚝 🤭 We spent AED 10 per person (Littlest was free) for the one-way trip to Atlantis Aquaventure Station.

The station was located conveniently next to Atlantis The Palm, my initial choice of accommodation as mentioned in my previous post. We decided instead to stay here on our next trip with all our kids, when the Littlest is tall enough for most rides in the park.

We recced the area in preparation for our future trip, scouting out the hotel's offerings.

When we were done, we hopped onto one of the many taxis at the front of the hotel and returned to W. The taxi cost us AED 25; definitely more expensive than taking a taxi from Nakheel Mall to our hotel directly! 😅

We were back in our swimwear very quickly and headed straight to the water (yes again)! The Littlest paraded her new sunglasses and beach shoes that we bought from Decathlon.

We also bought a snorkeling mask from Decathlon so that we could see the little fish in the ocean! The water was very clear!

We had so much fun at the beach and subsequently the pool that we stayed until the pool closed at 7pm.

Dinner was simply cup noodles and whatever else we had in our hotel room. Once the Littlest was asleep, the Hubby and I spent the rest of the night in the balcony, chatting about everything and enjoying the breeze and night sky.

I can't believe that this was our last night in Dubai! Time flies when one is having fun! 😄 

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