Monday 6 May 2024

Dubai Day 7: Mall of Emirates, Flight Home & My Reflections

The weather was beautiful again this morning and we had breakfast at LIV restaurant (details in my previous post). There were a lot more people at breakfast today than the day before! 

It's our last day in Dubai! We're so going to miss the sun, sand and sea! We took some photos at the balcony for memories! ☺️

Obviously we couldn't check out until we've had one last swim at the beach and pool! 😄

The Littlest was super upset when we finally checked out! She said she'd really miss all the hotels we've stayed in here in Dubai! 🥹🥺

The concierge helped us to call for a taxi, which took us to the Mall of Emirates.

It was a huge mall with many shops including the biggest Carrefour we've ever seen! 😀

We had a simple lunch at the food court as we weren't very hungry.

After lunch, we walked around the mall and discovered one of my favourite shops, Flying Tiger Copenhagen! It brought back lovely memories of my first trip to London when I first discovered one of their outlets.

I bought so many things that we almost didn't have enough bags to contain them! 🤣

We soon got tired of lugging our luggage and bags of shopping through the mall and decided to catch a taxi earlier than planned  to Dubai International Airport. Thank God we did as there was a long wait at the taxi stand! We finally left the mall at around 4.30pm and arrived at Terminal 1 at around 5.15pm due to heavy traffic.

After checking in our bags, we took the airport train to our gate.

We spotted the VAT Refund counter and joined the queue to get our tax refund.

As we had some time to spare, we bought last minute souvenirs and ate snacks at McDonald's while waiting for our flight.

Coincidentally, our Singapore Airlines plane had just landed and we spotted it taxiing from the window of our table!

We ordered a Signature burger, McWings and a Happy Meal.

The Littlest loved her toy! They also served banana instead of fries/apple slices with the Happy Meal! Very interesting 😄

Once we were done with our food, we walked to our gate and waited for about 15 minutes before the boarding announcements began. We waited until we were among the last to board the plane (as is our usual practice). Not long after we had settled in our seats, our flight departed on time at 7.50pm.

The Littlest was given children's headphones and a new Disney activity pack! They were so cute that I may or may not have taken some for myself... 🤫🤭 

Once we were safely in the air, dinner was served! Personally felt the food was not as good as the flight to Dubai.

After dinner, the Littlest watched some movies before falling asleep on her seat with her legs stretched out on her Stokke Jetkids Bedbox. As it was a red-eyed flight, she had such a good sleep that she didn't even wake up when they served breakfast! I was thrilled! 😁 

We finally arrived at Singapore Changi Terminal 1 at 7.30am, after about 8 hours on the plane. So happy to be home! 😄 

My Reflections

Dubai is honestly the land of multiple Guinness World Records! And I was so glad to have visited many of them:

Dubai is a multicultural city, with people of different nationalities and cultures living and working together. When we walk the streets of Dubai, no one really looks at you like you're a foreigner! Which was interesting to me because I often felt like a foreigner whenever I visited countries like Japan or USA. People knew you didn't belong there! This wasn't the case in Dubai, which I really appreciated! 😀

We've also enjoyed the warm hospitality and delicious Mediterranean food! We had a great time and are already planning the next trip #truestory 🤭 Can't wait to visit again! 😄

Meantime, here are some attractions we didn't visit, for your consideration:

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