Friday 31 May 2024

KidzWorld at the Singapore Zoo

On the last day of May this year, I brought the kids and Cousin E to the Singapore Zoo as I managed to ballot for my organisation's corporate pass. My kids have not been to the new KidzWorld since it opened and I've been wanting to check it out.

We passed many enclosures before arriving at KidzWorld, the furthest from the entrance.

The younger kids were super excited to play at the playground!

I shouted excitedly to the kids that we should go to Animal Land and pet the goats!

The 2 youngest were the only ones who didn't dare to pet the goats! They were only willing to take photos with them.

The goats were very tame! My boy had the most fun petting them!

We also explored the other areas of the petting zoo.

We found the petting zoo small and not as good as other zoos we've visited such as Sydney Zoo (2023), Bali Safari & Marine Park (2022) and Lost World of Tambun (2022). The animal interactions at the Animal Buddies Theatre were also disappointing. There was only one rabbit during the rabbit interaction session and all the kids had to queue to pet it for less than a minute.

It soon got so hot that we brought the kids to the water playground to cool down!

Kids had a lot of fun splashing in the water! At around 1.15pm, my stomach started growling and I rounded up the kids for lunch. Knowing that they would want to continue playing in the water later that afternoon, I dried them with a towel and didn't change them. We had lunch at KidzWorld Cafe, where the food was acceptable, not impressive.

The Animal Friends Presentation show was about to start at 2pm so we headed to the theatre.

Honestly, the show was very boring, especially for the older kids and adults! Although the golden retriever, goats and other domestic animals were very cute, they were not enough to make an interesting show in my opinion.

The kids returned to the water playground and played until 3pm. We washed up at the shower facilities nearby as they were spacious and convenient. If I had known the facilities were so good I would have brought a change of clothes and toiletries because my clothes were soaked with sweat! Thankfully I brought a t-shirt to change!

We walked back to the entrance, passing by many animals along the way.

Although the skies threatened to rain in the morning, we had very good weather the whole time that we were there! Thank God 😀

The 2 little kids had fun but the older kids and adults were mostly bored because we've probably visited the zoo way too many times! 🤣

Don't think we'll be back, not unless we're visiting the new Bird's Paradise! 😄


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