Thursday 26 July 2012

Gems of the Oldest Neighbourhood in Singapore

If there is anything that Tiong Bahru is famous for, it's for their yummilicious food! People from all over Singapore travel all the way here just to get their hands on freshly baked French baguette or traditional lor mee.

And I've been making a point to visit new cafes sprouting up all over the neighbourhood ever since my last exploration of the area.

So take a day tour with me as I show you the little gems in this town that I call home =)

Traditional Lion & Dragon dance is a common sight in our old school neighbourhood

We start off the day with the good ole breakfast. Folks here get up way before dawn for their favourite bread toast and traditional kopi-o (coffee without milk).

This coffee shop across the road from my house along Tiong Poh Road actually opens every morning at 3am
(I know because I spend countless nights writing/breastfeeding at 3am!)

Their famous dishes include the yong tau foo noodles and lor mee. But just as they open very early, they also close very early (around 2-3pm) so don't be late!

Alternatively, you can also head on over to the famous Tiong Bahru Market and savour the famous fried Hokkien prawn mee, chwee kueh, Tiong Bahru pau, lor mee & my personal favourite, Teochew fishball noodles! You'll love the value for money =)

But if you have a little more cash to spare and want a place with air-conditioning so that you can escape the heat, you may want to consider all the many quaint little cafes nearby. 

Social Haus

Oh and if you're lost, here's a map:

Places to eat around Tiong Bahru

Of course there are other great eateries that are not mentioned here. You can explore and if you find something good, let me know! =)

And once your belly is full and contented, you may like to spend the rest of the afternoon learning to bake at Creative Culinaire (located next to Cafe Pralet) or browsing at Books Actually and Strangelets (see map).

Strangelets, Books Actually & Social Haus located on Yong Siak Street

If your kids are with you, you can also bring them to Tiong Bahru Park located just next to the Tiong Bahru MRT. The playground there is the largest playground in our town.

Tiong Bahru Playground

These days you'll almost never see playgrounds with sand and a merry-go-round in the heart of the city any more. I guarantee your kids will have a ball of a time!

Finally, chill out after dinner at Wangz Halo Bar (see map above).

At the roof of Wangz Hotel

This bar offers drinks at reasonable prices, screening of soccer games, live bands/DJs during weekends and a panoramic view of Shenton Way. My friends and I have spent the last 2 Christmases there and had loads of fun =)

And if you're too lazy to drag your tired ass home, there are like literally more than 20 hotels in the area for you to stay at! *laughs*

That's the end of our tour! Hope you had a nice time and we look forward to seeing you here soon =)

Tomorrow, June from mamawearpapashirt will be sharing about her favourite porridge stall and a hidden water park just a stone's throw away from Redhill MRT.

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