Tuesday 31 December 2013

Thankful for 2013

There is really so much I want to thank God for in the past year! It has been a good year for us and this is a good time to count our blessings.

The Best of the Year 2013:

1) Girlee Started Going to School

At the beginning of 2013, my girl started to go to school/child-care full-time. Initially it was a painful experience for all of us but she soon got used to it and thanks to her favourite teacher, she is now doing really well in school.

The bad news is that her favourite teacher will not be teaching her class in 2014 as her own daughter will be joining my girl's class (conflict of interest you see). The news has not really sunk in for my girl yet. As she will be having new teachers for N2, I think I'd have to take her to school personally this coming week. It's a good thing that I'm on maternity leave =P

2) Girlee's 1st Time as a Flower Girl

This was a momentous step for my girl as she walked down the aisle for the first time as a flower girl in front of hundreds of people staring at her. We were so proud of her! =)

3) Girlee's First Concert Performance

Performing with the rest of the school

All the practice really paid off as the my girl performed on stage for the first time with the rest of her classmates! =)

4) Top 10 Finalist at the Singapore Blog Awards

One of the biggest achievements of this blog was the honour of being one of the top 10 Finalists at the Singapore Blog Awards this year! Thanks to all for your support and love! =)

5) Featured in The Straits Times!

We also had the honour of being featured in The Straits Times earlier in April on my crazy obsession with reviewing more than 100 nursing rooms in Singapore and overseas! I have reason to believe that it was momentous in getting many malls to upgrade the current state of their nursing rooms based on my unbiased review. Many malls are now starting to score 5-stars after renovating their rooms as compared to when I first started in 2010 where less than 5 nursing rooms had a 5-star rating!

A big thanks to all my readers for leaving me very sweet comments/emails, which have been a great motivation for me to keep adding to the list. Thanks also to those who keep me informed of changes to nursing rooms so that I can keep my page as updated as possible.

I already have a list of at least 10 nursing rooms (many are really far away from where I live!) that I'm planning to review during my maternity leave since I have more reason to do so now that I'm nursing again. Wish me luck! =)

6) Fast & Furious Delivery of Our Baby Boy

The loves of my life

Last but definitely not least, we are most thankful for the safe delivery of my healthy baby boy! Looking back, I realised that all 3 things that I had prayed and asked God for had come to pass: a) natural delivery / no C-section, b) fast labour and delivery (I took only 5 hours!), and c) single-bedder ward. God is so good =)

Here's to an even greater new year to come!

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