Tuesday 17 May 2016

Pout Hair Care for Kids

You know how it was when we were young and our parents refused to let us keep our hair long? The minute that it grew past our shoulders, my mum would be like, "time for a haircut!" Her rationale was (and still is) that kids simply can't take care of their long hair!

Yes, it's a valid point; however, that did not undo the fact that I had always wanted long hair. And so I did, when I finally convinced my mother that I could "take care of my hair."

Fast forward to today when I am now also a mother of a girl and have decided, against both grandma's wishes, to allow my girl to keep her desired hair length (which was long of course). Which meant that they were proven right and my girl often ended up with very dry and unkempt hair that looked and felt like grass! I've had to spend countless times running my hands through her hair to untangle it! That always caused her to yelp loudly ever so often when I tugged too hard! *whoops*

Putting conditioner on her hair has also been a regular occurrence for my girl. However, even with the conditioner, I somehow feel that it wasn't enough.

That's when Pout contacted me (coincidentally, I was going to buy a bottle of conditioner from them online) to inform me that they had created their own line of hair care products for kids! I was excited to review it. Perhaps this was the solution to the problem of my girl's unruly hair. I just hope that it was just as good, if not better, than the swimmer's hair care range that they sent me last year.

The first thing that I thought after receiving the Pout Hair Care range was, "OMG so cute!!!"

The carousel and fantasy themed Pout Hair Care range catches your eye immediately! They're really cute!

Made in Australia, the range has been designed specially for kids and contains more than 95% of natural ingredients.

Blueberry Potion Natural Shampoo with knight in shining armour (left) and Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo with pretty princess (right)
(I suppose the blue is for boys and the pink is for girls? Don't think it matters though haha)
Green Apple Whoosh Hydrating Conditioner with flying witch (left) and Peaches and Cream Natural Detangler with a fairy girl (right)
The bottles come with little stories of each character at the back (so that you can read to your child) as well as simple directions on how to use it

We tried the Strawberry Magic Natural Shampoo first because the princess is just toooo cute and perfect for my girl.

Washing her hair with the Natural Shampoo

The moment I lathered the shampoo on her hair, we could both smell a wonderful fruity smell! The girl was like, "mmm, smells like oranges mummy!" I have to say, her hair really does smell very good after that!

Chronic poser needs to pose, even if her back is turned! *laughs*

The Hydrating Conditioner was then lathered on after washing away the shampoo. The instructions said to run your fingers through the hair with the conditioner, leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off.

The end result was actually really good. My girl's hair was a lot less dry and easier to manage. It had a shine to it so much so that there really wasn't a need for the Natural Detangler, but I thought I would try it anyway.

Spraying the Natural Detangler on her hair
(you can see how shiny it is even before we started spraying!)

Personally, I don't think you need spray the Detangler everyday if you use the shampoo regularly. It's more for the days when you need a quick fix to the hair so that it's easier to comb and tie. Which is still useful if you think about it =)

Check out their combo deals which are 20% cheaper when you buy a shampoo and conditioner together. You'll also get stickers for every purchase.


On a personal note, I really think the shampoo alone is good enough! The conditioner and detangler serves to enhance and make the hair even better but may not be necessary depending on how bad your child's hair is.

I'll definitely consider getting the Pout Natural Shampoo for my girl to protect her scalp and hair (I'm kinda addicted to the smell as well!). Never too early to invest in her beauty regime right? Yes, my girl is beyond blessed to have a vain mother like me who will allow her to grow long hair and then pay good money to keep it nice and shiny. The irony! *laughs*

Disclosure: Complimentary Pout Hair Care Products were received from Pout Singapore for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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