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HK VI Day 3: Citygate Outlets & Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

It was our last meal at Cordis so admittedly, all of us were having mixed feelings about it. We've been having such a great time that I couldn't believe it was time to leave for Disneyland already!

We're totally going to miss having breakfast with such a lovely view

We checked out from Codis (my review of the hotel here) and travelled to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (our accommodation for the rest of the trip) via taxi.

Can you believe that I've been to Hong Kong 5 times previously and have never been to Hong Kong Disneyland?!? I was always over-ruled/ outvoted by the family who never really like theme parks like I do.

Now that my girl is older and can accompany me, I literally told them, "I'm definitely going with my girl (I'm addicted to Disneyland after my first experience in Tokyo) so it's up to you whether you want to go!" They technically had no choice *laughs*

After staying in the super awesome Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, I knew I won't be happy unless we stay at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (the Hong Kong equivalent)! =)

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
(Address: Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Outlying Islands;
Reservation Hotline:+852 1 83 0830)

Although Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel was not as grand as the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, the rooms were much cheaper. A standard room for 4 adults costs approximately HKD 2520, which is still cheaper than booking 2 rooms at an ordinary hotel for us.

The lobby
(Smaller but more or less same as Tokyo Disneyland Hotel)
Left: The beautiful Victorian-style lift;
Right: Lovely high ceilings and chandeliers.
Very cool hedge maze right outside the lobby

It was 12pm and our room was not ready yet but I checked in first to avoid the crowd (we left our luggage with the concierge).

The check in/ out counter is decorated with Halloween stuff because it was Halloween month
A mini TV corner for kids to be entertained

While I was busy with checking in, my girl and her daddy was happily taking pictures with Halloween Donald Duck at the lobby without me! *grrr*

Yay Donald Duck!

After I finished checking in, we took the free Resort Shuttle to the nearest MTR station, Disneyland Resort Station.

The Resort Shuttle travels between Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Hong Kong Hollywood Hotel and Disneyland Resort/ MTR Station
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Bus Terminal

We had heard good things about shopping at Citygate Outlets and it's close by so that's where we headed.

Tap in and out of the Disneyland Resort MTR Station using the same Octopus Card

To get there, take the MTR from Disneyland Resort Station to Tung Chung Station (transfer at Sunny Bay Station).

Close up of the MTR map
The Disneyland Resort Station and trains all have Mickey everywhere =)
Interior of the train is very similar to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort Monorail
We have arrived!

Shopping at Citygate Outlets was awesome! We bought so many pairs of shoes and clothes. I also highly recommend that you check out 10th Avenue on the 10th floor for a whole selection of shoes for the whole family. We bought a pair of Sketcher boots for my girl for about SGD 20!

Citygate Outlets

We were so happy shopping that we almost forgot that we were hungry and have not had our lunch. We decided to have lunch at Tmap, a Taiwanese restaurant that looks really nice.

There was a long queue outside so we were quite lucky to get this table
Lovely lights in the ceiling
Cool map of Taiwan on the cover of the menu
Enjoying cutlet rice set and dou miao
Can't eat Taiwanese food and not eat their famous chicken cutlet, dumpling and noodles
Very delicious beef noodles

I had also planned to ride the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, but unfortunately it was not in operation that day (so disappointing). We decided to take away our dinner and head back to our hotel.

Our Deluxe Room was ready!

Left: The cute "Do not disturb" sign;
Right: The "door bell" is a knocker on the door!

The room was of course not as beautiful as the Beauty and the Beast room at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel but it is more than half the price so I guess you get what you pay for =)

Complimentary water and little kids cups
Table, TV console and luggage rack
Clockwise from left: Luggage rack and clothes hanger;
Decorated with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs;
Picture of the hotel and the Disney characters is found in every room.
Two queen beds
Tinkerbelle image on the headboard

Clockwise from left: Nicely decorated toilet with Disney elements;
Sneezy? Take a tissue!;
Toiletries look very usual, nothing special.

Left: Full size bathtub;
Right: Sink area with a mirror that is decorated with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Various toiletries decorated with the Seven Dwarfs
Left: Bedroom slippers for both adults and kids
(if you look carefully, there's a stool for kids to step on);
Right: Bathrobes for both adults and kids as well.

The only thing that Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel was better than Tokyo Disneyland Hotel in my opinion? Their swimming pool! We hurried to change into our swim wear because the skies look really grey (please don't rain!).

Left: My girl wearing her bathrobe;
Right: Signboard showing the way to the pool.
Lovely pool at evening time

If you have time, check out the playground right next to the pool. Looks really fun as well =)

Really fun playground that has Mickey Mouse decorated here and there. So cute! =)

And the best thing about the pool is the slide that both kids and adults can slide down! One of the few that allow adults to enjoy what the kids enjoy! *laughs*

Walking up the stairs and queuing for our turn
The end of the slide

There are 3 lifeguards on duty so you can be rest assured that you are safe. We also enjoyed the hot tub, which was so relaxing as the winds got stronger.

Huge hot tub/ jacuzzi
The pool in the evening
(it's open till 9/10pm)

After a good swim, we explored the rest of our hotel as well as shop at the Disney shop =)

Lovely wall mural
Cinderella mural at one of the stairs

If you've got time, bring your kids to Storybook Playroom where there are lots of activities for kids from 3-9pm. We were only able to make it at 8pm so we missed out on all the fun activities.

Storybook Playroom
Left: Seats for storytelling and make-believe;
Right: TV screening of various Disney movies.
Boat and castle playground 
Parents can chill at the benches while watching your kids
Example of crafts the kids can do at designated times (some require additional fee for the materials). So cute!!

I'm glad we chose to stay here! The convenience to and from Disneyland was be well-worth it =)

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