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HK VI Day 1: Cordis Hotel Hong Kong

This is our 6th time to Hong Kong and yet we still enjoy visiting again and again. Both our mothers are Cantonese so for them, it's like going back to their homeland. They speak the language, share their culture and love the food! =)

As I had visited Hong Kong previously with the mum-in-law, it was my mum's turn for this trip. We travelled as usual by Singapore Airlines, our favourite carrier (cost us S$303 per adult and S$282 per child).

Departure at 7.40am from Terminal 3

We were lucky enough to experience a brand new plane (and took a peek at premium economy seats as we walked by). The seats were so spacious and the entertainment system was new and so damn good.

Clockwise from left: Freebies for the girl! Her favourite Finding Dory;
The very clear and wide entertainment screen;
My girl loved watching her shows so much that she didn't even take her usual nap on the plane!
The kids meal

Since the entertainment was so good, 3 hours 45 minutes flew by really quickly and we couldn't believe that it was almost time to land (we did not even have time to finish our second movie)! One of our best flights so far =)

We arrived at Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1 at 11.30am.

After crossing customs, we headed to the taxi stand to take the Urban Taxi to our accommodation. These are the red taxis that will take you to town. Taxis in Hong Kong is not cheap (cost us HKD 246) but it's worth it if you're carrying bulky luggage and have at least 3 persons in your group. If you're travelling solo or in twos, might be cheaper to take the Airport Express (read about our experience here).

Queue here for the Urban Taxi

Just a note, we used Changi Recommends for our data usage but you can also purchase the Discover Hong Kong Tourist Sim Card from the airport and it only cost HKD 88 for 5 days.

Our ride took approximately 20 minutes and soon we have arrived at Cordis Hong Kong.

The very noticeable blue building in Mongkok is Cordis

Cordis, previously known as Langham Place, is located at the heart of Mongkok, right next to Langham Place Shopping Mall and just 2 minutes walk from Mongkok MTR. I love the convenience! =)

Cordis is so close to Langham Place Shopping Mall that there is a covered fully air-conditioned bridge that links you directly to the mall from the hotel =)
We are here! =)
The ground floor lobby

Cordis means "heart" in latin (which explains their logo), and that is the focus of their hotel: to put their heart in everything that they do. I have to say, in the short 3 days that we were there, we were very pampered by their incredible service (more about that later)!

We proceeded to the Club Lounge at Level 36 to check in (special check-in counter for club room guests).

One of the lounge areas in the Club Lounge.
Super inviting and cosy for chilling out.

Since our room wasn't ready yet, we were happy to wait patiently at the Club Lounge because it was so comfortable and had free flow of drinks and food. You will never be hungry or thirsty here (more on that in a bit)!

Clockwise from left: Easily accessible coffee machine for you to get a cup of coffee whenever you need it. Alternatively, a member of staff is always ready to get you a cup if you're not sure how to work the machine;
The bread table with cheese and butter;
The chef preparation table 
(this is where the chef cooks eggs during breakfast).
The main area where food is served
It's 12.30pm and not time for Afternoon Tea but there's still some small bites to eat and wine to sip! So nice right? =)

The unblocked view of Hong Kong from the Club Lounge was another thing that I really liked about Cordis. Felt like I was on top of the world! =)

Remember that I said you'll never go thirsty here? Well, that's because this corner of the lounge is like a huge bottomless cauldron that keeps on magically restocking itself no matter how much you take from it. It's incredible!

The magical bar of the Cordis Club Lounge

In addition, the drinks that they stock it with are of high quality such as Evian, Figi, Perrier and all sorts of carbonated drinks and beer. The alcohol selection was like Disneyland to the hubby!

Enjoying his first cup of many, many... (-_-)

You won't be hungry too since food is served from morning till night (during opening hours). The hubby and I have been to several hotel's club lounges and they usually only serve breakfast and evening cocktails. The Cordis Club Lounge not only serves Breakfast but also Evening Cocktails, Sweet Treats and Nightcap!

Timings of the different sessions as indicated on the room card folder

The type of food served in each session is different so do try to go for all of them like we did to try them all! =)

In addition, with the exception of champagne, which is only served during Evening Cocktails, alcohol is served throughout the day (unlike other club lounges which serve alcohol only during evening cocktails). To say the alcohol-fanatic hubby was ecstatic is an understatement.

In fact, when it was time for us to leave Cordis, the hubby was actually reluctant to leave (for the first time ever, usually he'll get homesick from not sleeping on his own bed)! He said Cordis was the best hotel ever and complained non-stop for the last 2 days of our trip that Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel paled in comparison. That's high praise coming from the husband!

Anyway, we had the privilege of meeting with Win, the Assistant Communications Manager, who informed me that Cordis would like to welcome more families by making the hotel more kid-friendly. They have set up a Kids Club and created the Cordis Kids pack filled with fun things created in-house for each child that stays at Cordis.

My girl had the chance to be the first to receive one and gave it a go right away!

Clockwise from left: Receiving the orange and white kids pack for older and younger kids respectively;
Win flipping through the activity book. She was the one who came up with it!;
My girl completing the activities with excitement.

Left: Each kids pack contains a dim sum magnet which you can keep as a momento of Hong Kong. Why is it that only kids get good stuff like that?!? (-_-);
Right: Playing "Spot the Difference", Hong Kong edition!
Collect these stickers of Hong Kong attractions from various places in the hotel such as the lounge, swimming pool, etc (just ask any staff) and stick them in the activity book. So fun!
If you need toys to entertain your kids in the room, feel free to ask (subject to availability of course)

That red panda by the way is Cody, Cordis Kid's mascot. Cute right? I think my girl really enjoyed the activity book. It was a great way to occupy her while we waited for our room to be ready.

Our Family Quad room was ready at around 1.30pm so we headed to Level 33 to check it out. The Family Quad room consists of 1 king size bed and 2 single beds that can sleep 4 adults and 1 child comfortably (hence the name).

The two single beds on the left of the sofa
The super large king size bed on the right of the sofa
(you can easily fit a child and 2 adults on this bed since it's so huge!)
The lovely view of Hong Kong from our room!

If you've stayed in Hong Kong before, you will know that this room is definitely bigger than the typical Hong Kong hotel room (which is so tiny that there is hardly any space to walk around or put your luggage). I super love the layout and view from our room! =)

Entrance to bathroom and wardrobe
Good size wardrobe with bathrobes for both adults and kids
(the kids robe has been decorated with Cody the red panda)

Unlike other quad rooms I've stayed in, this one also has a kitchenette! You can cook if you want to (but good food is so abundant in Hong Kong, why would you cook?) =)

Mini kitchen fully furnished with kettle, fridge, pots, utensils, cups and even a microwave!
Close up of the kitchen counter, which has a convention stove and sink

You won't have to worry that you'll be disconnected from the world too. Most of the rooms provide you with a Handy Smart Phone that allows you access to Hong Kong Guide Map, data connection and local and international calls to selected countries (Singapore is definitely one of them) for FREE! This means that you can call home to mum in Singapore and use it to Google Map your way to Hong Kong's attractions and food. Very cool right? =)

Clockwise from left: Mobile phone available in the room for guest usage;
Multi-purpose plug available so you don't have to bring your own;
You can also plug your usb directly into the plugs. No worry that your devices will run out of battery!

The bathroom was also relatively large, with a full size bathtub and shower cubicle.

Beautiful marble toilet
Fully stocked with sufficient amenities
(feel free to request for more if it's not enough)
The full size bathtub

Don't forget to indicate when booking that you're bringing your kids so that Cordis can ensure that the Cordis Kids package (kids pack, activity sheets, bathrobe and slippers) will be available in your room for your kids.

Colouring sheets and crayons for my girl
(it was so sweet of them to write the child's name on name tents to welcome the child! So personal!)
My girl wasted no time getting down to colouring
Look at the cute kids bedroom slippers!!! My boy loves wearing it and wears it everywhere in the house haha
The adult bedroom slippers are less cute but really cool and made of very good quality. I'm totally bringing this back to use in my own home! =)

Soon, we were hungry and set out to hunt down the Chan Kee Roasted Goose restaurant that my mum-in-law liked when we ate it during our previous trip. Turns out that there was an outlet just across the road from Cordis! How convenient indeed =)

Eating the famous roasted goose at Chan Kee Roasted Goose restaurant
Clockwise from top left: Roasted goose and pork combo;
Fried white noodles (super delicious);
House special fried rice (was nicer when the mum-in-law and I had it previously);
Wanton seafood noodles (so-so, better not to order)

After a really sinful meal of fried food, we thought that we should burn off some of the fats at the Cordis Swimming Pool located at the roof of the building (level 42).

Riding the lift up to level 41
(The full glass panel on the side gives you full view of the city as you go up. Love it!)
Walk up the stairs to reach the pool.
 Awesome weather for a swim!
Clockwise from left: Putting our stuff on one of the rattan chairs;
The lovely unblocked view from the seats;
Average sized pool.
My girl can't wait to jump right in!

It would have been better if the pool was infinity so that you can see the view while in the pool but I guess being able to feel the cool breeze was ok as well.

There's also a hot tub next to the pool, which felt amazing on our cold and aching bodies. But be careful not to stay in it for too long, otherwise you might get heat stroke!

Having quality family time in the hot tub/ Jacuzzi

We were of course hungry after a "swim" (actually more like float..) in the pool so we headed to the Club Lounge for Evening Cocktails (we missed Afternoon Tea but managed to eat it the next day =P). The hubby was very much looking forward to a glass of champagne, which unfortunately I don't have a picture of (strangely). You'll just have to take the hubby's word that it's good =)

Excited for Evening Cocktails
Loving the food and drinks
(My girl especially loves the gummies. She eats them by the bowls everyday *gasp*)

While the hubby and mum continued hanging out in the Club Lounge, the girl and I headed to Chuan Spa for a mother-daughter family spa retreat. I chose manicure and pedicure for her and facial and leg massage for me.

Spending quality time with my girl at Chuan Spa
Choosing the nail colours for her hands and feet
Enjoying the treatment so much that and fell asleep in an instant and almost couldn't wake up when we are done!

Everything about the spa treatment was fantastic, except for the price as it was really expensive (to me at least.. I usually spend only SGD 50 for my facial treatments or full-body massages)! However, the hubby said that my skin looked really radiant after the treatment so I suppose the money's worth it *laughs*

We went back to the Club Lounge just in time for Sweet Treats, which, as the name suggests, is when they serve desserts! My favourite! =)

Look at the yummy cakes and chocolates! Sooo good =P

I think this is the first time that we have ever hung out at the Club Lounge till almost 10pm rather than at our own room! I mean, wouldn't you right? *laughs*

The only bad thing about such a good Club Lounge that we ended up not having enough room in our stomachs to try the Two Michelin-starred Ming Court restaurant located at the 6th floor of Cordis! Well, there's always next time!

Many thanks to Win, Eric (the Club Lounge Manager) and your team of Club Lounge staff for the wonderful hospitality. Special thanks also to the awesome cleaning lady of level 33 for her special service to us that really made our day. She made sure to check in with us whenever we were around in the afternoon to change our towels and bathrobes (after they got wet from swimming), top up our toiletries and water and clean our wet bathroom. Super awesome service and attention to detail by everyone in the staff (except for the eggs chef at breakfast who tends to treat the White people better than us >_<). Anyway, thanks so much!

The hubby and I love Cordis so much that we will definitely stay there again when we visit Hong Kong. We highly recommend it =)

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Disclosure: Complimentary 1 night accommodation (we paid for the 2nd night) with Club Lounge Access and spa treatment were received from Cordis, Hong Kong for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all enthusiastic opinions are entirely my own (as well as my hubby).
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