Friday 17 March 2017

Melbourne II Day 7-8: Queen Victoria Market & Half Moon Bay

We had the mum-in-law's home made strawberry jam, made from the extra strawberries that we had picked a few days ago, for breakfast this morning. Super tasty!

There are a lot of recipes online which you can follow. All you need is sugar and a jar to hold the jam.

After breakfast, we headed to Queen Victoria Market because the mum-in-law liked shopping here previously.

Queen Victoria Market

Some of the stalls were different but we still enjoyed shopping there.

Having Funk Fish fish and chips for lunch at Queen Victoria Market Food Court

Since I basically did not have anything else planned for the rest of the trip, I googled for the best beaches in Melbourne and randomly chose the Half Moon Bay because it was just an hour away from Melbourne city. Turned out to be a great choice; it was beautiful!

Half Moon Bay
(and you can see why they named it so)
Beware of snakes as you walk along the pathway from the carpark down to the beach
The sun was out but that meant lovely blue skies for photos!
The almost deserted beach
Very cute seagulls
As usual, the daddy was at it again, hunting down marine life to show the kids
With the lovely cliffs in the background
Be very careful when climbing the cliffs
We climbed up this rock for this photo and that was as high as we dared to go *laughs*
Strolling along the beach, with the wind in our hair and the waves on our feet

Although it was smaller than Brighton Beach, Half Moon Bay was a lot quieter. How can you not love the beaches in Australia? =)

And with that, we came to the end of our trip! The next morning we had to return our rented car and depart from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. Time really flies when you're having fun!

Don't forget to claim your tax refunds at the TRS counter after clearing custom

The flight back to Singapore was via Quantas. Although we booked via the Emirates website and could have chosen an Emirates flight back, we decided to go with Quantas in the end because the timing was a lot better.

Our Quantas plane
Quantas had one of the best pre-flight preparation videos I've ever seen! Very cool and different from all the other airlines.
My dinner

We arrived at Singapore at around 9.15pm and were very exhausted from a long journey home. I still can't believe 8 days passed just like that! We would have to wait 8 long months before we can travel by plane again. Can hardly wait!! =)

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