Tuesday 3 December 2019

Nagoya Day 9: Legoland Japan

We woke up this beautiful morning to clear skies and a great view of Legoland in the day.

The view of Legoland from our hotel room

Our room came with complimentary breakfast for 2 adults at the Bricks Restaurant. As we had 3 adults and 2 kids, we had to pay ¥2500 for the additional adult and ¥1250 for each child.

Breakfast at the Bricks Restaurant

There is a Kids Station at the Bricks Restaurant, which was a hit with both my kids.

Kids Station
The buffet line was lowered to the kids' height so that the kids can take their own food
There was a playground outside the restaurant but it was closed because it was too cold during the winter for outdoor play

Giant Chef Minifig came by to say hi and take pictures with all the guests!

Meet and greet with a Minifig

After a nice breakfast, it was time to head to Legoland Japan! We booked our tickets via Klook and collected the tickets at the ticketing counter (check the ticket prices here).

Legoland Japan! 😁

We have been to Legoland Malaysia so many times (2012, 2013, 2016) but this is our first time at Legoland Japan.

As we had limited time, we focused our attention on rides that were not found in Legoland Malaysia (as far as the kids allowed us to anyway).

Submarine Adventure

Submarine Adventure

This ride is a collaboration between Legoland and SEAlife Japan. You get to ride a submarine and view various fish underwater! We love this ride so much that we went on it twice!

Lego Submarine
All ready to enjoy the ride!
Information on the fish that you might see can be found above the viewing window.
So many cool fish swimming really close!
How the submarine looks like from outside

At the end of the ride, you can also check out the small pools full of little fish outside.

You can see more of the fish if you didn't get enough of them during the ride
Love this picture that I captured with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera! ❤️

We love this ride so much that we went on it again!

Heartlake City

The Lego Friends area was really small so if your kid is a fan, it's probably good to manage expectations.

Clockwise from left: Heartlake Shop and photo opportunity with the Lego Friends characters;
Life-size Lego Friends car, which my girl has in her collection 😁;
Japanese port hole covers are usually uniquely decorated according to the city's landmarks and the ones in Legoland were no exception. 

The Wharf

Super huge playground at The Wharf that the kids only played in for 15 minutes because we had so many other attractions to visit
Kids made boats and raced them at this Build-a-Boat corner
Wheee! So fun! 

Driving School

Junior Driving School for younger kids and Driving School for older kids

Although Legoland Malaysia has driving schools as well, the kids insisted on playing here, twice! Both kids are tall enough for the Driving School.

Check your height and take your photo at the Driving School. Your child needs to meet the minimum height requirement otherwise he or she will be asked to try the Junior Driving School instead. 
Buckling their seatbelts as they got ready to drive their Lego cars
The boy definitely had way more fun than his sister, who was probably going to outgrow this soon (so fast!)

Baby Care

While the kids were busy driving their Lego cars, the mum brought the baby to the Duplo Baby Care room to hide from the cold winds.

Baby Care room with several play areas for little babies and toddlers
Nursing rooms available for nursing mums like me
Diaper-changing tables and a small kitchenette with a microwave to heat up baby food
Baby loved playing with the foam Lego blocks while the we enjoyed watching her in comfort

Rescue Academy

Legoland Malaysia has a similar attraction but the boy insisted because he was really into fire engines lately. The kids played with their dad while I took care of the baby in the Baby Care Room.

Trying to fight fires at the Rescue Academy
In a super cute fire engine

Palace Cinema

They were screening various 4D shows at the Palace Cinema but we only had time for one show.

Palace Cinema
Wearing our 3D glasses and choosing our seats in a very empty theatre

It wasn't the best 4D show we have watched but we enjoyed it.

Knight's Kingdom

We headed to the land of the Knight's Kingdom next.

Knight's Kingdom was all decorated with Christmas decoration for the festive feel!
There isn't a queue at all at The Dragon, the biggest roller coaster ride in Legoland
Riding Merlin's Challenge
(Legoland Malaysia also has something very similar) 

Merlin's Flying Machines

We had to take turns to ride this because of the baby.

Merlin's Flying Machines
I love the Lego details of this ride! I quite enjoyed it!

Pirate Shores

We walked to Pirate Shores, which is a land that is not in Legoland Malaysia.

Pirate Shores

Splash Battle

This ride allowed babies provided that the baby can sit on the seat and not on your lap.

Splash Battle
Like a real pirate!
You get to shoot people in another boat! My poor baby even got water sprayed in her eyes (poor girl)!

The people who had the most fun on this ride were the hubby and boy! Possibly because they got to spray at other people 😂

Duplo Valley

This land is similar to the one in Legoland Malaysia and is most suited for children below 6 years old. My 2 older kids have outgrown this playground while my baby is too small to enjoy it yet.

Duplo Valley
Everything here is Duplo in life-sized version! The Lego fan in me is so thrilled! 

Chicken Diner

We had not eaten since breakfast and were hungry so we stopped by the Chicken Diner for our lunch.

Clockwise from left: Chicken Diner, located near the entrance of the park;
Choose your drinks from the Drink Bar;
Chicken sandwich in the shape of a super cute Lego brick!
Our set meals all nicely packaged
My baby loves watching the events in the park while my boy enjoyed playing with Lego bricks

The nice thing about Legoland is, the kids are always entertained no matter where we are!


As with all Legoland themeparks, a Miniland with all of the host country's landmarks is a must!

Some of Japan's most famous landmarks!
This ferris wheel is so famous that even I have a musical box from Orgel that looks exactly like it


We entered the world of Ninjago and met the green ninja, Lloyd, himself. He was so friendly and interacted a lot with my kids. They love him!

Meet and greet with the green ninja at Ninjago

Kai's Sky Masters

Kids had fun on this very simple kiddy ride

Lloyd's Spinjitzu Spinners

The kids asked Lloyd himself if this ride was scary and he replied with a big 🙅🏻‍♂️😂

Lloyd's Spinjitzu Spinners

Because it requires the rider to keep spinning over and over again the kids chickened out while the adults were afraid it might make us too dizzy.

Flying Ninjago

This ride basically propels you up like you're flying! Unfortunately, although this ride looks super fun, we were all too 'chicken' to try it!

Flying Ninjago

Cargo Ace

Another fun kids ride that my kids liked. As you can probably tell, my kids are not very adventurous or thrill-seeking type of people.

Cargo Ace airplane ride

Observation Tower

We were tired from walking and decided to ride the Observation Tower to get a bird's eye view of Legoland.

Legoland looks like Miniland from up here!

We were having so much fun that we did not even realise that the sun was setting and Legoland was going to close soon! Time really flies when you're having fun!

Brick Party

We quickly hopped onto our last ride of the day, the Lego carousel made of very familiar Lego pieces that all Lego fans would have made in your childhood.

Brick Party carousel
The kids never say no to a carousel ride, no matter how many times they have ridden on one! 

As we were leaving, I noticed that we had missed the Ninjago Live show known as The Realm of Shadows! Too bad!

Ninjago Live Show theatre

Even the hubby, who was not a fan of theme parks, agreed that Legoland Japan was very fun for both kids and parents.

Legoland Japan at night

All of us had an awesome time and really did not want to leave! I guess it's mostly because of the cool weather and almost zero queues at all the attractions (unlike Tokyo Disneyland!).

Anyway, as the night was still young for us, we brought the littlest girl to go swimming at the pool since I had already booked 5 slots for our whole family this morning.

My littlest baby really enjoyed herself in the water! She really loves swimming!

We had worked up a nice appetite after swimming and headed to Maker's Pier again for dinner.

Found this restaurant that sells interesting bento and teppanyaki 
Look at the ikura! So yummy! 

We might actually consider coming back to Legoland Japan again when the littlest girl is older! After all, there will come a time when the kids are grown up and might not want to go to theme parks with their parents any more! Anyway, this mummy will never outgrow theme parks so as long as my kids want to go to a theme park with their mummy, this mummy will definitely join them! 😁

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