Friday 18 June 2021

June Holiday Fun at Labrador Park & Snow City

It's the June holidays and as usual, I tried to make time to bring the kids out of the house for some fun!

[Labrador Park]

I've always wanted to bring the kids to Labrador Park as it is so near our home. There were plenty of carpark lots available here so parking was not a problem. 

The park was located along the sea and the kids took the opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze and watch the waves crashing onto the shore.

There are 2 play areas, a smaller one with swings and a merry-go-round and one with a laze and slides, about a 5-minute walk away. 

The Littlest Girl got right down to business and headed straight for the slides! 

The Eldest Girl is starting to outgrow playgrounds (already?!?) but she joined her little sister out of pure love for her. 

Not that the Littlest needed any help with getting around the playground. She could do so confidently with little assistance. 

After playing for about 1 hour, the sky began to darken. I told the kids to go to a bench near the sea to wear their shoes and watch the sunset at the same time. 

It was a really enjoyable evening 😊

[Snow City]

I decided to use my Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers on tickets to Snow City for 2A2C. After my previous tiring experience of bringing a baby (my boy) to Snow City in 2015, I decided that I wouldn't bring the super active Littlest Girl to Snow City this time. The rest of us would not have been able to enjoy the 1-hour session if she were there. 

Yes, we only bought the 1-hour session as the place isn't very big. Our tickets also came with Drift on Ice bumper car rides for 4 (do make sure that your kids meet the height requirement), and free rental of jackets and boots. 

Although the rental of winter pants was not part of the package, I insisted to rent them. I knew from experience that the waterproof pants would prevent our actual clothes from getting wet from the 'snow', which would be troublesome to clean up if we didn't rent the pants. The pants also has a thick inner layer, which would keep us warm and cushion us in case we slip and fall. Hence, I really recommend renting the pants. 

We proceeded to the counter to collect our boots, pants and jackets. We also rented a locker to store our belongings. 

Photography in Snow City is not allowed but I sneaked some photos because I'm #addictedtotakingphotos! 😅 Well, it's not like we didn't purchase their official photos (because we did)!

The small area for the little kids had a tiny slide that adults could slide down but it was so slow that it was no fun at all. 

We decided to hit the bigger 'slopes' instead.

It was quite a climb up to the top! The journey down was a 'one way street' via a 'canal' they created. Gone are the days where multiple people could slide down at different parts of the slope at the same time. 

In any case, the girl and I had fun. We went like 8 times I think. 

We decided it was time to utilise our Drift on Ice tickets and made our way to the bumper cars area. On the way there, we passed a small snow combat area, which we think is really only for kids because it was so tiny!

The bumper cars looked really cool and we should have had fun on it in theory. 

However, the bumper cars were hard to steer and moved very slowly. Very different from the bumper cars that we are used to in amusement parks. 

After going down the slopes a few more times, our hour was up and we all felt it was just right for us. The place was too small and too restrictive for us to stay there longer than an hour. 

We exited the snow arena, returned all our winter wear and bought souvenir photos for $35 for 2. Not exactly cheap but the pictures were decent and I wanted to support our local businesses. 

Snow City was fun while it lasted but it really made me miss all our experiences with real snow in HokkaidoScotland, Disneyland Paris and most recently Mt Gozaisho/Nagoya. Miss travelling SOOOO much! Hope we can travel again soon 🤞🏻


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