Sunday 22 September 2013

What Can a Pregnant Mum Do at Universal Studios?

The bro-in-law's company organised a Family Day for its workforce by treating all the staff and their families to a day of fun at Universal Studios Singapore.

Setting off to USS super early this time
Universal Studios Singapore

What a difference a year makes! When we brought my girl to Universal Studios Singapore last year, she was still afraid of everything which included taking pictures with the characters and even riding the carousel!

But this year (at 3 years old), she is all ready to take on the park!

She made no hesitation and instead was more than thrilled when we put her on a higher "horse" on the carousel this time round.

Riding the carousel

Incidentally, this is also the only ride a pregnant woman can legally take.

Unlike Everland in Korea, there is nothing much a pregnant mother can do here at Universal Studios. But you know that's not going to stop me! =)

My Top 3 Preggy-Friendly Activities:

#1: Baby-Friendly Rides
My rule of thumb is, if my 3 year old girl can ride it, so can I! Of course this meant taking certain.. *ahem* intelligently calculated risks, which I am not encouraging you to take if you feel that you can't. You know what you can or cannot handle better than anyone!

A) Treasure Hunters
We did not get to ride this previously as the queues were too long. Since we were really early this time and I made sure that this ride was the first on our list, we were almost the first in the queue! =)

Exploring in a desert jeep!
For once, daddy is not in the driver's seat!
This ride is perfect for young aspiring drivers =)

This ride may be bumpy if you don't steer it properly but otherwise, definitely not as bad as some F1-wannabe cabs I've travelled in, if you know what I mean!

B) Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase
This new ride is just perfect for little kids (and even pregnant moms as long as your tummy is not protruding out too much otherwise it might get in the way of the safety bar)! My girl met the height requirements but needed a booster to ensure greater safety.

Sesame Street
My girl loved this ride so much she rode it twice!

C) Dino-Soarin'
This ride is also relatively safe as you decide how high or low that you want to go. Not for pregnant women in their first trimester though as the movement round and round and round might worsen your nausea.

Up and down, round and round

I was really glad that no one stopped me from riding all the low impact rides, possibly because I wore a really loose top. I was denied from riding Transformers the Ride though, not by the staff, but by the family! Could only look on in envy as both boys went on it twice.. *sigh*

Well.. there's always next time I suppose =(

#2: Snapshots
One could also take pictures with any and every character you meet! Thanks to my crazy enthusiasm and a bit of baby luck, we managed to be at the front of every queue for an awesome photo opportunity! =)

With friendly Frankenstein, whom my girl loved cos he was so nice to her!
Puss in Boots
Optimus Prime
My favourite Bumblebee,
who purposefully walked over and stood behind us for this shot as the queue was simply too long for me! *grin*
My favourite Oscar!
We literally followed directly behind him so that we would be the 1st in line for this photo! Both of us were thrilled! =)

#3: It's Showtime
Lastly, catch a performance or the parade!

A) Shrek 4D
The hubby and I have watched this countless of times before but since the bro-in-law had never watched the classic Shrek 4D, I decided to accompany him to go see it. By right pregnant women were supposed to sit on seats that are stationery but as I've watched the show before, I thought, "aiya, the movement won't be that bad lah!" Turns out the shaking was a little too much, even for me, so thankfully the vigorous shaking only lasted for a few minutes! *whoops* ;P

B) WaterWorld
We didn't manage to catch this show last year as well so we were thrilled to be able to catch it this year!

Showcasing stunts and explosions

The show was exciting, humourous and very captivating! My girl watched from beginning to finish without even batting an eyelid as she was so mesmerised by all the effects. Although she was a little scared of the loud sounds, it didn't bother her as long as she was with one of us. Definitely a good show to bring the whole family! =)

C) Sesame Street Stage Shows
This one is great for little kids like my girl, who loved it and even danced along with the characters!

Cookie Monster, Oscar & Bert share their favourite things they love
(I'm sure Sesame Street fans know what they are!)

D) Hollywood Dreams Parade
Lastly, we stayed for the parade which showcased many of the characters that we saw across the different "lands".

The different parade floats
A very realistically portrayed dinosaur
(don't ask me what species, I'm sure your boys will know better than me!)

Our whole family had fun cheering and waving to the characters! =)

By the end of the parade, we were so tired that we didn't stay for the fireworks at night! Actually, we didn't even think we would stay for the parade at all as we initially planned to leave early (we thought there wouldn't be many things for us to do since we had 1 old, 1 small and 1 pregnant! Thank God we were wrong!).

I think I had not walked so much and had so much fun in a long time! Really can't wait for our next family adventure =)


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