Saturday 21 September 2013

Top 5 Buys from Daiso

Joining other SMBs and Jus from Making Mum (who's the host) this week, here's sharing my top 5 favourite things to buy from Daiso!

#1: Art & Craft Supplies
There is a whole wall of art supplies that you can get for folks who are experimenting with art for fun. I personally thought the canvas and sketchbooks that I bought from Daiso were cheap and good. The paint however are not from Daiso as I prefer to buy them in large quantities and Daiso only sells them in individual tubes.

This is what Badass looks like
Dear Hello Kitty
Sketchbooks for kid paintings

I've also used assorted craft materials such as border stickers, fancy brads and other cool stuff from Daiso for all my scrapbooking projects.

Fancy Brads
22 Wooden Door Signs
Lace border stickers from Daiso to decorate a Guestbook

#2: Containers
Containers are a must for every organiser! See how I use it to organise small things around my house (among other nifty ideas) and tubes of paint and paint brushes.

Boxes in every shape and size to organise everything in the house!
Containers that I DIY for holding paints and brushes

#3: Photo Frames
I love the photo frames from Daiso, super cheap and perfect as gifts!

Pretty photo frames I bought to frame my layouts for friends
Our mini photo gallery
15 Inspirational Display

#4: Magnets
I love all the magnets at Daiso! They have big ones with hooks for hanging heavy duty stuff, blank ones for sticking behind stuff to make into magnets and small ones that we can personalise.

Personalise small magnets with cute stickers

#5: Japanese Food & Dinnerware

Homemade soba

Everything in the picture is bought from Daiso! Hubby recently bought a lot of sake glasses as well =)

Do you have top faves at Daiso too? Do share!

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