Monday 25 April 2022

My Birthday at LAVO MBS & Joya Onsen Cafe

It's a long weekend for my birthday this year, starting on Friday and ending on Monday. I had big plans to celebrate; no, no I'm definitely not one of those "why celebrate getting older" kinda gal. I love me a good celebration! 😬🤭

Day 1: 23 Apr (Sat)

My family asked me what I wanted to eat for my birthday and I immediately replied, "cafe food!" You gotta understand, I eat Chinese food on a daily basis as my family members (except for my Eldest Girl) are not particularly fond of cafe food.

So cafe food it was for my birthday lunch! Especially my favourite croissant! 🥐😋

After lunch we headed to the Sister and Brother-in-law's new home to continue the celebration. So happy that the COVID restrictions have been lifted and we can enjoy family time together ☺️

The alcohol was just for show, obviously I don't drink 😅

Day 2: 24 Apr (Sun)

The hubby booked a table to celebrate my birthday at LAVO Italian Restaurant. We included our entire brood as we had done last year because we wanted to help finish the food! 😁

Located at the 57th floor of MBS, we could enjoy the beautiful view of Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay before entering the restaurant.

The restaurant sat us near the window, which offered us a glimpse of the good view outside.

While waiting for the food, we went out onto the outdoor deck to check out the view on the other side of MBS. You can look through their free binoculars to see even better 😁

Love the beautiful view! The light from the setting sun also provided a great natural lighting for beautiful pictures!

Our first course was the seafood tower, which was really amazing! Super yummy!

We also ordered beef steak, pasta and additional mushrooms. All of us enjoyed the meal very much! 😋

The restaurant then served us a little token at the end of the night while the kids sang happy birthday to me softly.

It was a great way to end a very enjoyable dinner with my family 🙂

Day 3: 25 Apr (Mon)

The next day, the hubby and I took leave to enjoy japanese onsen at Joya Onsen Cafe located at Jurong (near the Singapore Discovery Centre). The hubby booked a private room for 2 pax at $132.

The place looks empty because we were the first customers on a Monday morning!

As private onsen users, we were given yukata that we can wear within the premise, just like in Japan!

We were then taken to our private onsen, which comes with an attached sauna.

The interior design looks very much like what we were used to in Japan! So cool that we can have a similar experience here in Singapore (since we can't travel to Japan anytime soon).

The water can be too hot because the pool was so small. It wasn't as good as Japan but it will suffice until I get a chance to go 😁

We put on our yukata at the end of our session and took some pictures at their photo area.

We also ordered some food and drinks to enjoy (not included in package).

Our package allowed us to access the public baths and so we did.

I actually thought the public baths were better than the private ones! The water temperature was just nice and there were lounge chairs to chill in. Had a really relaxing day off today ☺️
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