Friday 26 April 2024

My Four-Zero Birthday @ Fullerton Bay Hotel & Altro Zafferano

April this year was a milestone for me. Not only did I turn 4 decades old, I was also promoted at my job 😄

My birthday/promo feasting started with my treat of afternoon tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel. I reserved the Afternoon Tea online and paid a deposit.

The Eldest and I saw some otters on our way to the hotel! 🦦

The hotel was serving the Expressions Afternoon Tea this season, which came with a pot of either TWG tea or Bacha coffee.

The Eldest Girl loves the scones, which were very good!

We were dazzled by the colourful food that was beautifully decorated with flowers on the display stand.

The food quality was fantastic and my favourite was the purple Strawberry Lavender dessert!

We really enjoyed the food and the fellowship! Can't wait for our next afternoon tea together! 😊 

Coincidentally, my promotion ceremony was on my birthday 😄

I went home and had a mini celebration with my kids as they had school the next day.

We kept it simple because the hubby was going to bring me and the girls (my boy was sadly at P5 camp) to Altro Zafferano. The Italian restaurant was located on the 43rd floor of the Ocean Financial Centre.

We booked the Experience Menu for 3 persons (we ordered a kids pasta for the Littlest).

We had our starters, which was really good. 

Eldest loved her Canadian lobster dish!

Next we had our pasta.

The Littlest enjoyed a plate of kids pasta made just for her by the chef! She loved it so much she kept asking for more (but we didn't order another as it wasn't cheap 😅).

The hubby chose red meat for his main while the Eldest and I chose two fish dishes. We both loved our fish! Done to perfection!

The restaurant decorated one of our desserts with a birthday chocolate and candle!

I judge every restaurant by the quality of their desserts and these were great! The restaurant also threw in some complementary snacks at the end of our meal but we were simply too full to finish them (we asked them for a box to takeaway)!

Thanks to my family and all my friends who celebrated with me! Am so blessed by your love!

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