Thursday 27 November 2014

Travel Tips 7: Kids Nutrition while Travelling

I share about how I keep my kids fed on our trips here and there in my travel posts but I thought it would be apt to put them altogether into one post.

Food for Kids on the Travel:

1) Breast Milk

My favourite photo of me breastfeeding Baby Boy in London
(so pardon me for posting it again and again! =P)

Nothing beats drinking mummy's milk straight out of the tap. Need I say more? *grin*

Here're some tips to ensure that you succeed in nursing on the travel! =)

2) Formula Milk

For formula-feeding mums, I'm sure you would know what to do/bring better than me. Till now, I have no idea how much milk powder goes with how much water. Lucky for me, the mum-in-law is in charge of that! She usually measures the milk powder properly into the containers and all I needed to do was mix it with warm water in the bottle for my girl! *laughs*

3) Baby Food

A bottle of baby food we bought for my then baby girl in Shenzhen 3 years ago

In the beginning, we brought along bottled baby food as we thought it would be easier to feed that to the baby. Case in point, we bought a few bottles of baby food to feed Baby Boy when we were in London.

However, we found that packets of baby food were lighter to pack than bottles.

Heating up a packet of Pigeon Baby Food before feeding Baby Boy in Malacca
(He loves it!)

All you need is a container which you can fill with hot water (that you can boil in your hotel room or request from most cafes or restaurants), soak the packet in it for 10 minutes and it is ready to be fed! =)

4) Porridge

Porridge and chee cheong fun at Fa Yuen Street Market in Hong Kong
Girl enjoying her porridge

Smooth and tasty porridge are in abundance in Hong Kong and Shenzhen so that was our must-order food at almost every eatery.

Most hotels in Asia also serve porridge in the morning for breakfast so that was usually what I would get for my babies.

Baby Boy eating the porridge at Hatten hotel in Malacca

If you're in a Western country though, this may not be readily available so you may need to prepare your own food or find other alternatives such as bread (see next point).

5) Buns or Bread

Baby Girl eating her favourite bao in Shenzhen 3 years ago

When my girl was around 6-12 months and the range of food that she can eat is quite limited, we love to feed her bao (Chinese buns), which are soft and one of my girl's favourite food.

When bao is not readily available, such as in London, we will get bread for my boy and he loves it (especially croissant)!

6) Pancakes

Pancake-making machine making one of our favourite pancakes at Park Plaza Bangkok
Pancakes in the morning at Hatten hotel, Malacca

My girl and I also love pancakes! There's nothing better than fresh pancakes in the morning =)

7) Baby Snacks

Baby Girl eating baby snacks in Shenzhen 3 years ago

We love to bring baby snacks, such as those from Pigeon, on our trips because it helps my baby (who's also teething) to chew on something in between meals. It's also a good way to distract/entertain your baby on long journeys (read more about it and other ways to entertain your kids by air or road).

8) Special Treats

Eating a McDonald's Happy Meal in Sydney
Our favourite waffles at A&W in Bangkok

We usually don't bring the kids to eat fast food because the food nazi hubby hates fast food (especially McDonald's, but I won't go there). That's ok because his girl doesn't like fast food either.

However, the both of them make it an exception when we overseas. Maybe Ronald looks a bit different or whatever. Anyway, since we probably won't get a chance to eat A&W in Singapore, we usually let the girl eat whatever she wants on vacation.

I mean, healthy diet can wait till tomorrow right? *laughs*

9) Whatever We can Find

Eating whatever I think is suitable and that she is willing to eat from the buffet line

Nutrition? What nutrition?

My girl is a food critic and needs to eat the freshest and best tasting food otherwise she would rather not eat. But sometimes that's just not possible when you're travelling. Hence, as long as my girl eats and does not starve, I'm good. I was never a food nazi anyway =)

You know, I'm probably not the best person to share about this since I was never in charge of the food department (only the boob department). For mums in charge of the food department, what are your tips? Do share =)

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